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Phoenix Journal 90


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


In this journal we will have listings of key players in this Conspiracy of One World Everything. We will also phase out of that subject and directly into the work of Rodney Stich as regards the saga of one Gunther Russbacher.

This is for the purpose of responding to all the inquiries about just "who is this man?" It is not "who" he is or was but rather a personal knowledge of what went on within the CIA and ad-ministration behind your backs--YOU-THE-PEOPLE.

We are nearly through with the latter subject and as to the former--you will have to prepare yourselves for there is an even higher cabalistic Committee above the Committee of 300. We are not yet ready to deal with THAT one so we will leave it lay for the moment while we catch you up on some other fascinating material which will begin in the upcoming (next) journal.

I understand the difficulty facing all you readers, that of being boggled by the unfolding. No matter how slowly or how many times we effort to prepare you, the TRUTH is always bigger and more confounding than that which is brought before. All you can do, readers, is gain as much insight and knowledge as you can so that you can be a step or so ahead of the major impacts--AND BE PREPARED TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. We can't do anything FOR you but offer this information and remind you that "these things will happen." Also remember: AN INFORMED PUBLIC IS THAT WHICH IS MOST FEARED BY THE ELITE CONTROLLERS.

Read about these important topics: Need proof about the ADL? Impeachable offenses by Nixon?? - Cosmospheres and space stuff - BLACKMAIL OF THE U.S. - Persecution by the Justice Dept. - More details about October surprise - Looting of U.S. military warehouses -- Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee Of 300 by John Coleman (Parts 21 through 24)—Begin reading Defrauding America, the work of Rodney Stich regarding the saga of Gunther Russbacher (Part 1 through 8)—How Did He Ever Get Involved?—Operation Interlink—Operation Cyclops—Operation Moth (MH)—Operation Gold Bug (GB)—Operation Thunder (T)—Operation Blue Thunder (BT)—Operation Fountain Pen (FP)—October Surprise And Much More—Learn About The Removal Of Huge Sums Of America’s Money Overseas By The CIA—New Bill Introduced To Suspend Parental Rights—Two Views On The Right To Bear Arms.