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Phoenix Journal 94



Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


As we move quickly along with offerings of information regarding the unfolding of proven corruption in your market places, your governments, your religions and the incredible corrupted control over you-the-people by the INJUSTICE SYSTEM, I can only say that, here in the beginning, we are just WINGING IT... As ones "with" are willing to share with those "without" so that strides can be made in reclaiming that which was yours, we will move quickly in offering that which is pertinent in the changing times.

“Our full and ONLY intent in offering works of anyone--is to present that which is available (and usually long since buried or forgotten) as a reminder that truth has been there all along--you only needed to be nudged and SHARE. There is NO CORNER ON TRUTH and beware the person who claims same for self—always check WHY they might be doing so.

“The variety of information offered in this journal is seemingly on opposite ends of the poles. No—it is so connected that I cannot urge you strongly enough—TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS. It runs from Clintonistas, through Usurpers of other ilk to and into the Hopi (AmerIndian) projections and prophetic offerings—along with HOW IT WAS AND IS.

Some of the many important topics presented are: Defrauding America, By Rodney Stich—Nixon’s Funeral—Israeli Acknow-legement Of World-wide Assassinations—More On Treasurygate—The FBI Blackmail Files—Preliminary Draft Of A World Constitution—More On Inslaw And Crimes By The Justice Department—Crimes By The U.S. Bankruptcy Court—Declaration of Independence Of 1994, By Linda Thompson—Americans Take On The IRS: A Class Action Suit -- Hawaii State sovereignty - More from Ronn Jackson on "Camelot" & other information - Nixon's funeral - Israeli worldwideassassinations admitted - Update on the Russbachers. (Index Included)