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Phoenix Journal 95



(Phase One)

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



A lot of people are WAKINGJP America! From Fed-Up American: “It is time that all of us Fed-Up Americans come face to face with reality and fully understand that government at the highest level desires us to be their sex slaves to the fullest extent.”

“Indeed, the sleepyheads are beginning to stir…! First you are going to find it helpful to `heave-up’, then perhaps you can `heave-ho’ and then maybe, just maybe, you can `heave the bastards OUT!’ ” –HATONN

Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, and causes you to bump into people not going your way. –Ferber.

Looking back is as necessary as looking forward but while you are doing either—you are often overlooking the “now”! Hatonn….

You must see from past experience and history, tainted and untainted (if you can find it) that which was trying to “getcha” as come this far and right to the point of “gotcha” –and how, for goodness sakes (not to be confused with “badness” sakes) you can “gettem” so that you CAN HAVE a future to perceive in freedom and LIGHT.

Among the important topics discussed are: THE MONARCH MIND CONTROL PROGRAM - Money changes – Politics could doom a new currency plan. Vincent Foster suicided – Ancient Prophecies – Gold in them-thar vaults – The Jackson connection – The “Butch” Acheson of “Justice” - Photon Belt warning again – PG&E and Diablo Canyon - Satchel nuclear bombs – More on Russbacher and Ronn Jackson - Satanism and missing children – Kevorkian – More on Inslaw—Suiciding Of Vince Foster—Doomsday 1999 Prophecies—Currency Shift To Gold-Standard Base—Caspar Weinberger Conspiracy — Terrible Fate Of Missing Children--Interview With Inslaw Bill Hamilton—Hawaii State Sovereignty—Interview With Ronn Jackson—“The Photon Zone”, by Robert Stanley—The Gulf Breeze Prophecies—“Satanism, A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting”—“IRS Pink Papers”.