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Mike Walsh

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Mainstream parties dubbed far right by media are storming the citadels of the globalist liberal-left. The generation destined to suffer the loss of their homelands to Islamic multi-culturalism are increasingly voting for sanity.


A survey by Techne, the Italian research, and polling agency, reveals that 60 percent of Italians aged 18-30 voted for ethnic-European parties.

5-Star Movement founder Grillo waves with leader Di Maio during the finally rally ahead of the March 4 elections in downtown Rome

Arriving at Platform Free is the ethno-nationalist Five Star Movement that proved most popular amongst the young. The party obtained 44 percent of the vote whilst an additional 13% voted for the La Liga party.


Together with the Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, the Italian coalition is Eurosceptic. To make matters worse for the failing European Union emerging pro-Russian parties are inclined to dismantle anti-Russian sanctions. Such a move would result in massively reducing unemployment and restoring failing economies.


Europe’s nationalist parties are popular amongst youngsters in elections held across Europe. Last year’s French Presidential election voters aged between 18-24 emerge as Marine Le Pen’s strongest demographic.


A file picture showing protests last month against the anti-immigration referendum, with a panel reading ‘fear + exclusion = sterile Switzerland’. Swiss citizens have now voted in favour of the proposals brought by a right-wing populist party.

Many European populist parties have seen their support base grow across all age brackets. The countries worst affected, Germany, Sweden, Greece, and Italy, now experience a clear trend of voters shifting rightwards on the political spectrum, in search of alternative leaders and policies that will ease the distress suffered by Europe.


David Coburn, MEP (UKIP) was asked how dangerous is it that the radical right parties are proving to be so popular.

“I don’t think it’s dangerous at all, radical is not necessarily dangerous or bad, we live in unconventional times, facing unconventional threats, this requires unconventional ideas and solutions, something the tired old left have failed to provide. The danger is not the rise of right-wing political parties; the danger is in the refusal of the unimaginative left to address the very real problems of our times.

These are the problems that ordinary Europeans face in common, immigration is out of control, housing pressure due to immigration, unemployment due to immigration, health provisions, centralization of the EU without even asking people whether they wanted a unified state and the list goes on.

The UK Independence Party politician says, “Young people are now swarming to what you call the right, but what I would call libertarianism, because they don’t like the failed societies in the world that Marx and his followers have left and they’ve dominated politics in Europe for so long, people want something different.

“They want governments that care for the individuals and give them their freedom. These people have woken up and that’s the danger here, it is not the danger to Europe, but the danger to the elites who are running Europe, especially elites here in the European Union.

People are fed up with the tired old political parties who just don’t seem to be solving any problems; they just seem to be creating them. Basically, the fear is that the right-wing is they’re being not a threat to ordinary people, but they’re a threat to the establishment and the elite.

They are a threat to the European project, they’re not a threat to the survival of Europe’s nation-state democracies, as a matter of fact, and they’re integral to its survival.”

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