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Fed and Deep State Agencies Will Go

By Wayne Jett ©

March 8th 2018



Some are impatient with the pace of events since the election of 2016; they cry out for punishment of major crimes committed by public figures, still uncharged. If you are such a person, consider finding information sources outside controlled media. In reality, the pace of action is astonishing and stakes are enormous. When our history is written (assuming we and the “white hats” prevail, and some of us get to write it), the American Revolutionary War may appear as an early skirmish in the battles now to be decided.


This by no means diminishes the historic importance of heroic, near miraculous victories by Washington’s volunteer Revolutionary Army. Victory in the War for Independence allowed time to build strength militarily and economically. Though the U. S. came to be called the “only super-power,” in truth the ruling elite have controlled the U. S. and the world through their operatives, further enriching themselves through intermittent wars, immense financial corruption and other actions so evil as to defy comprehension.


The Scope of Conflict


At no time in history, until now, has America raised its fists to defeat and destroy the ruling elite, including the European monarchies and their allied families and secret societies. By the evidence of trusted reports, this is the essence of what is presently underway, though operations are largely, so far, kept from public attention.


One additional point of information deserves special attention to provide new context to coming events. The Executive Order signed by the President effective one minute into December 21, 2017, declared a national emergency arising from massive abuses of human rights and corruption.


Assets of persons and organizations named in a list attached to the EO were ordered frozen and subject to confiscation. That list is reported to be very long presently, and assets seized are described as valued at trillions of dollars – an amount so large as to change the U. S. financial condition significantly.


The Months Ahead


Many who rely on elitist media express discontent with accomplishments of the past 13 months. If these observers knew the safe-houses and bunkers of many ruling elite have experienced significant disrepair in recent months, and more such facilities are arriving at that condition on a daily/nightly basis, would their evaluations change? Most likely, they would be delighted that the untouchables are no longer untouched.


Do not expect the appearance of quiet inaction to continue – it is not real even now. Here is a brief account of anticipated near-term developments.


1. The pending report of the Inspector General of the U. S. Department of Justice will disclose significant crimes  and corruption within government and the private sector, and will set the stage for arrests and prosecutions, including a large number of sealed indictments already filed in federal courts.


2. The Federal Reserve will be nationalized and closed. All other privately owned central banks will be closed, including the Bank for International Settlements.


3. The Federal Reserve Note will be ended and replaced by a gold-backed U. S. Dollar issued by the U. S. Treasury.


4. A new Executive Order signed by President Trump effective March 1, 2018, amends the manual governing military trials and courts martial to permit civilian support of their operations and actions. This is said to be necessary to expedite investigations, prosecutions, sentencing and enforcement of judgments for the scale of crimes perceived to exist under martial law jurisdiction.


5. Financial markets will experience extreme volatility, at times amounting to a full-scale crash, as events become public and investors face interim uncertainties regarding new realities. Much improved honesty and transparency within markets for stocks, bonds and commodities ought to be the outcome in the relatively near term, so markets should recover and stabilize.


6. A very strong, desperate attempt to impeach and remove the President will be mounted on behalf of many facing prosecution, but these efforts will fail.


7. Federal agencies which have been subverted by elitist influence, including the FBI, the CIA, the ODI, the CDC, the FDA, and perhaps the SEC and CFTC, will be closed or significantly reorganized and recommissioned.


8. The month of March will see significant, apparent actions on this agenda, most of which will be completed before the mid-term elections in November. Lawbreakers likely will not do well in returning to office.


Organized Humanity vs. Ruling Elite


The importance of the planned removal and destruction of elitist power globally, if achieved, may be unmatched by previous human undertakings. Those carrying the responsibility for guiding and conducting this campaign make no secret of their practice of praying fervently to