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The Gathering of One -- Global Eden Event (with video)

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From: Laurel Tinney
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:59 PM
Subject: The Gathering of One - Global Eden event
Just wanted to share some info on an upcoming Global event with participation commited from around the world with purpose and focus of fulfilling ancient prophesies and bringing Balance and Peace to our world. FYI - Hoping you will publish this on fourwinds10 as I think the readers will be interested and enjoy this wonderful video and information. Blessings, Laurel
Sow the seeds of Peace ... the world is ready.  Lets see if we can awaken the world to The Gathering of One: Global Eden Event 2008.

Watch this video and become a part of the MIRACLE!    And then pass it on.
The world joins together to create a global shift on the summer solstice 2008 to usher in the Golden Age of Peace. Centered at West Yellowstone Montana (USA), 444 people will use the power of intent along with others around the world who will step into sacred formations to call forth Oneness, as the Shekinah and the Metatron move into Sacred Union through all who participate in the global sacred geometry.
Global Eden Event
An Invitation to the World
Indigenous wisdom and quantum physics can now be integrated with information coming from the angelic realm.  North, Central, and South American prophecies point to this time in human history as a unique opportunity to foster Oneness. Ancient predictions about the Eagle flying with the Condor speak of a time when the Golden Age of Peace will arise from the coming together of modern science with indigenous wisdom.  That time is now.
 Also coming forth is very specific guidance from angelic appearances that sacred geometry combined with the power of collective intention can create massive shifts in our experience of reality . . .”changing the dream” in the words of our indigenous elders.
This is an unparalleled opportunity to come together in oneness to usher significant change for humanity and our world. This change must come through us. All are invited to participate in Yellowstone and around the world, both as individuals and groups.
Each day of the event, we come together to create high levels of internal and group coherence, cleansing our hearts and opening to Divine Love.  Each activity focuses on bringing us to a living awareness of oneness.  That oneness and love is what we take into the Grand Formation on the Solstice - June 21st. 
Event Background: For nearly 15 years a series of angelic appearances bring the message, “Something wonderful is going to happen…and there is nothing you can do about it.” The angels asked a single individual, Joe Crane, to find seven to whom the angels would give teachings, and in turn each of them would take these teachings to the world by finding seven more, and so on. Hundreds of angel appearances have occurred offering a dazzling array of teachings to thousands who have stepped into the Circle of Sevens, gathering in oneness and becoming empowered in their giftedness. The latest teachings give humanity the choice to create the1000 years of peace, beginning now. 
The group sponsoring the event, Angel Gate Creations, is about self-commitment between each individual and their Creator. They aspire to live by the example of “Teach Only Love.” The Gathering of One - The Global Eden Event will foster personal transformation, and through that, global transformation.
…the paths of TRUTH lead to wisdom. Indigenous wisdom unites with modern science through this unprecedented event, centering on a new way to peace, diversity and social harmony.
WHEN: June 17-21, 2008
WHERE: Main Event & Grand Formation in West Yellowstone , Montana , USA
§       Orientation: June 17
§       The Dream Circle : June 18
§       Living in Giftedness: June 19
§       Dance of Oneness: June 20
§       Grand Formation: June 21
GLOBAL PROGRAMS: Programs are being developed and will run concurrent with the Yellowstone events -
DETAILS:  (describing the First Nation Elders coming)
To register call Mara Needham   480.279.0533 or email
Please join us and participate in fulfilling ancient prophecies.
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