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A Special Invitation for You from Grassfire Nation

From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire Natio

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I don't know about you, but I am eager to face the challenges of the New Year and the opportunity to work together with  you to restore and rebuild our nation back to greatness!

An integral part of our action plan for 2011 includes our brand new Patriot Action Network -- the largest and fastest  growing conservative social action network in the nation!

Click here to visit:

The Patriot Action Network was uniquely designed around the needs of conservative citizens just like you.

From the onset, our aim was to give you the tools and support needed to impact and affect change from a national level right on down to a local level.

Through the Patriot Action Network you have the ease and  freedom to network with fellow conservatives in South Dakota,  or nationwide over key issues that are impacting you  and your loved ones.

After visiting our site, consider signing up and becoming part of a conservative community that we at Grassfire  Nation believe will play a critically important role in keeping the new generation of conservative leaders  focused on the will of the people!

Sign-up is easy and free. Just click below to join:

 2011 is going to be an important year for the  restoration of our nation, and we believe it is imperative  that conservatives have a base, a foundation where they can network, research, and ultimately take action.

We believe the Patriot Action Network has been created for  a time such as this!

Thank you in advance for accepting my invitation. I hope to see that many of our Grassfire Nation friends sign up and  become part of the Patriot Action Network in the days ahead!

Steve Elliott

President, Grassfire Nation

P.S. After signing up, please extend an invitation to your  conservative friends and family. Encourage them to become part of our fast-growing family as together we move toward  rebuilding and restoring our nation to greatness!

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Grassfire Nation, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a  million-strong network of grassroots conservatives that is  dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real impact on the key issues of our day. 

Copyright 2009 Grassroots Action, Inc.

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