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Vote No Confidence in the Federal Government

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Vote No Confidence in the Federal Government


Jason Charles Kalispell, United States



This petition represents a general non-partisan vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the U.S. Federal government.

Simple question: Does the U.S. government represent the will, safety and liberties of the people it is chartered by the Constitution to protect? If the answer is no, then please sign this petition registering your vote as a No Confidence vote against the U.S. Government for every state and citizen to see publicly.

Vote of No Confidence

Define: A vote showing that a majority does not support the policy of a leader or governing body.

Examples of Non-Partisan government failures deserving a No Confidence vote.

  • Unjust aggressive wars
  • Unstable debt based economy
  • Militarized police state
  • 16% congressional approval
  • Fake news corporate media
  • Unconstitutional spying on citizens
  • Failure to implement anti-trust legislation against corporate monopolies
  • etc

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