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LIAR' Angela Merkel hit with tomatoes in angry demonstration days before German election

Allan Hall in Berlin

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FW:  9-12-17

ANGELA Merkel was hit by a tomato thrown from an angry crowd at an election meeting in the university city of Heidelberg on Tuesday.

Police said two tomatoes were thrown during different parts of the Chancellor's speech with one striking her left hip.

One of her aides was also hit by the flying fruit as the words "liar" and "hypocrite" rang in her ears.

The noisy demonstration was fresh evidence not all votes are guaranteed at the general election on September 24 when she seeks a fourth term in power.

Some 3,000 people were at the rally and those who demonstrated against her were angry at her refugee policies which have seen over a million immigrants enter the country in the last two years.

said in defence of her decision to open the doors to migrants in 2015: “If we made a mistake, then it wasn’t in taking in people, but rather that we didn’t pay attention to the fact that people in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria didn’t have enough to eat, weren’t getting an education and put themselves into the hands of people smugglers."

The chancellor has been heckled during several campaign events, mostly by supporters of the Alternative for (AfD) party which has attracted many of her CDU party supporters into its ranks.


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