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WARNING - Do NOT Participate in Any 'Free Speech' Rallies or Protests!

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WARNING - Do NOT Participate in Any "Free Speech" Rallies or Protests!

The media and George Soros are all in on starting a civil war, or widespread civil unrest. The rallies are scheduled and set up by fake right wing activists, then paid Antifa protestors are sent in to start fights. Soros pays both sides. They are then joined by fools who think the whole thing is real.


The goal isn't to remove a statue or protect free speech. The goal is violence. The goal is to destroy the fabric of our society. They don't care if it's about monuments or free speech, all they care about is destoying the constituion.


If civil war, or widespread violent unrest breaks out:


1. Guns will be confiscated. Houses will be searched.. Think Katrina. Think Boston Marathon.


2. All conservatives will be declared terrorists.


3. Conservative websites will be declared hate sites.


4. Trump will be blamed. McCain and McConnell will join the media and call for his removal.


The entire Antifa and NeoNazi protest issue is fake. Both sides are seeded to kick it off. It's designed to strike the emotions of peaceful people and make them join a side, then attack the other side. The media is the paid cheerleaders who freely advertise the locations of the action.


Don't be fooled. Do not join in.


Last Edited by OldWhiteGuy on 08/25/2017 02:09 PM