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Ray Starmann

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A Time to Stand


By Ray Starmann

August 19th 2017



Last week’s events are really just a continuation of the left’s efforts to obliterate anything and everything that pains them in some manner, from a sentence in Tom Sawyer to a statue of Teddy Roosevelt to a speech by Milo.

But, the world has seen this all before, in the failed revolutions of the past, in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in Venezuela in 2017.


Strangely, as Antifa scum and left wing loonies destroy statues and monuments, the right, minus a few media people, has been largely silent on the matter. Under the fear of not being politically correct, most Americans who view what is happening in disgust don’t have the guts to do anything in protest against it.


The right hems and haws inwardly and does nothing. Yes, there was a free speech rally in Boston today, led by the right and met by the left, who of course were protesting free speech.




Where are the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Where are the Sons of Union Veterans? Where are the deplorables, the country club conservatives and the Rockefeller Republicans? Why haven’t there been public demands that the removal and vandalization of CSA statues stop? Why haven’t there been marches? Why haven’t there been private citizens protecting these statues from the left’s anarchist army?


Here’s a little newsflash for the country club crowd, the good old boys and the alt right, if you don’t get off your butts and do something and get organized we’re going to lose our history courtesy of these punks.


We’re getting to the point where the police will not stop the left, for the simple reason that they are taking orders from PC mayors and city councils, which are either liberal or under the spell of diversity or both.


Silence is not golden conservatives. Your silence is giving the left carte blanche to vandalize and desecrate. The silence on the right is allowing special snowflakes and radical Marxists to dictate history to the nation.


Believe me, the left aims to destroy American history and to rewrite it with Orwellian tones. As we’ve already seen, it won’t stop with just Lee, Jackson and Davis. Left wing nuts and Black Lives Matter thugs are already calling for the destruction of monuments honoring the slave owners and founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. There have been calls on the left to destroy Mount Rushmore and to bring down statues of Teddy Roosevelt.


There is no end to it, for the sole reason that the left is aggrieved by just about everything on the planet. They wish to create a world where every citizen is walking on eggshells, under the fear of being labeled a racist, rapist, male chauvinist, or God forbid, a white nationalist. The left’s brave new world is an Orwellian hell, where every thought, sentence, paragraph, movie, book and viewpoint is dissected for its potential to cause mental injury to special snowflakes.


The right has a choice, continue to do nothing and watch your country go down the drain, or fight this; through marches, protests, calls to Congress and the utilization of citizens to guard the monuments and statues.


It’s time for the right to take a stand.