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Should Trump pardon Sheriff Joe?

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio has stood “on the wall" in the struggle to secure our borders and enforce our laws against an avalanche of illegal immigration.Pardon Sheriff Joe here

Now, he is the subject of a “witch hunt" that resulted in being targeted by Obama justice department holdovers.

Sheriff Joe has done perhaps more to advance the cause of law and order and securing our borders than any other public official. But unless President Trump pardons Sheriff Joe, he will serve hard time in prison as the highest profile victim of the Open Borders crowd!

The sentencing will take place THIS FALL. That's why Grassfire is launching this National Petition in support of Sheriff Joe and urging President Trump to pardon the sheriff immediately! We cannot sit by silently as this witch hunt targets a law and order hero! 

Click here to AUTOMATICALLY add your name to the "PARDON SHERIFF JOE" petition with ONE CLICK:

pardon Joe here

We cannot allow the open borders activists to humiliate this American hero. It's time we stand with Sheriff Joe and urge President Trump to pardon him!



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