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Should the GOP go "nuclear" on Gorsuch?


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We're in the final countdown to the Senate SHOWDOWN over the Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmation -- and Democrats are doing everything in their power to label Gorsuch as "illegitimate" and block his confirmation.

The radical Left is up in arms, claiming that the GOP will be violating a bogus "60-vote threshold" -- a lie so outrageous that even The Washington Post gave it "three Pinocchios." Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) called it an "illegitimate seat" and other Senate Democrats are storming to the floor of the Upper Chamber to protest.

+ + Truth Behind the Democrat "60-Vote Threshold" Lie

The fact is, Democrats are NOT telling the truth about the alleged "60-vote threshold" for Supreme Court nominees. It simply doesn't exist. The tradition throughout Senate history has been to require a simple majority vote to confirm Presidential nominations. Only a handful of times in modern history has a "cloture" vote even been taken on Supreme Court nominees.


Even the liberal-leaning Washington Post Fact Checker agrees, giving the alleged 60-vote threshold "three Pinocchios" and saying: "There is no 'traditional' 60-vote 'standard' or 'rule' for Supreme Court nominations, no matter how much or how often Democrats claim otherwise."

+ + Should Republicans Use The "Nuclear Option" To Confirm Judge Gorsuch?

The Senate confirmation vote is slated for TOMORROW (Thursday). But Democrats have enough votes to BLOCK AND DEFEAT GORSUCH -- unless Republican Senators hold firm and insist on a simple majority vote for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. With Democrats forcing a showdown, we want to know if you support Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's threat to "go nuclear." Should Republicans change the current Senate rules so Gorsuch can be confirmed with a simple majority vote?

Tell Grassfire what you think by voting in our "Confirm Judge Gorsuch?" Quick Poll now. Click here or on the "Yes" button if you think Judge Neil Gorsuch should be confirmed with a simple majority vote. Click here or on the "No" button if you think McConnell should NOT change current Senate rules, which call for a 60-vote threshold to be met before a final vote on Gorsuch.

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