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Make America Great Again

President Donald Trump

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Six weeks ago, our team asked you to sign a petition telling Democrats to stop obstructing the approval of our cabinet… They STILL haven’t approved it.

No president’s cabinet in history has faced the same obstructionism as ours.

Now the only thing that can stop their obstructionism is YOU.

Democrats were elected to the Senate to work for you -- the American voter. And now they need to hear from millions of American voters across the country that it’s time to stop obstructing us and to get to work.

Add your name to our Official Petition to tell Democrats to stop obstructing our America First Agenda.

We can’t let the Democrats get away with obstructing the will of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We need our full cabinet in place to fully implement our agenda to Make America Great Again!

This isn’t even about party politics. It’s about doing what’s RIGHT for the American people.

Now please sign our Official Petition telling Democrats to stop obstructing our America First agenda. 


Donald J. Trump

President of the United States