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Clean-Up Crews At Dakota Pipeline Camp Make Horrific Discovery, MSM Silent

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Earlier this month, there was a huge protest by liberals “concerned” about the impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their hypocrisy was once again exposed when it was all over.

While the protesters left tons of debris behind, it was just revealed by the Washington Free Beacon that the liberal protesters also left behind several of their dogs to fend for themselves, including at least six puppies.

The protesters were holed up at the Oceti Sakowin camp, but the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe actually asked them to leave the area.

When the protesters left, they pretty much just took whatever they had on their backs and left everything else behind.

Reports have stated there were tons of trash, tents, clothing, and the like left behind.

During the cleanup process, dozens of dogs were found among the debris, left behind by the “bleeding heart” liberals to fend for themselves.

In all, there were a reported 20 dogs left behind. Luckily, a local rescue from North Dakota, Furry Friends, has already jumped into action and has rescued two of the full-grown dogs as well as six puppies.

Unfortunately, some of the dogs are suffering the effects of being left unattended in the cold weather, as they are now dealing with frost bite, hypothermia, and assorted wounds, among other ailments.

The irony in all of this is pretty amazing. Here we have a group of people supposedly fighting for the environment, yet they leave the area they are “defending” in reprehensible condition after they leave.

These are the very same people fighting to have illegal immigrants remain in our country as well as allowing tens of thousands of unvetted refugees to come into our country, and they cannot even take care of their own dogs!

It just proves liberals really don’t care about anything. They just like to get on TV and make a big stink about things for the sake of doing it! It is as though they just want to be able to tell the story one day, that “I was there!”

Even more bothersome is the fact the mainstream media refuse to publicize stories like this because they are so far left, they don’t want to report anything that would hurt the leftist agenda… and it makes me sick.

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