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Dear friends,



Trump approved the disastrous Dakota Access Pipeline, and now law enforcement agents have forced the final water protectors off the land just yesterday. There’s one way to stop it: Get major funders to back out.


Wells Fargo is a key financial backer of the pipeline. The cities of Seattle and Davis just divested from the bank over Standing Rock, costing them BILLIONS. Now other cities are thinking of pulling their money too!  


Wells Fargo executives are nervous -- they just had a huge global scandal over fraudulent activities and their board is denying them bonuses. They are desperate to avoid controversy. Let’s tell them loud and clear that we will hold them responsible until they pull out. When we reach 100,000 signers, we’ll descend on Wells Fargo headquarters and lobby key cities considering dropping Wells Fargo. 


Tell Wells Fargo to drop the Dakota Access Pipeline


The Dakota Access Pipeline will unleash nearly a half million barrels of oil on the world every day. It’s a detrimental threat to our climate that will scar Sioux land and threaten endangered species. Most of it is being financed on credit from banks and Wells Fargo is providing half a billion to make it happen.


Wells Fargo isn't the only financial backer, but they are a major player. Once we force them to pull out, other banks will get nervous that this scandal isn't worth their investment, and they'll back out too.  


Wells Fargo is already on edge after the huge bogus account scandal. Public anger was a disaster for the bank and the board is demanding that they regain public trust. The pressure on corporations from Uber to Nordstrom has worked! Let’s turn up the pressure on Wells Fargo and shut off the funding for Trump’s pet pipeline.


Tell Wells Fargo to drop the Dakota Access Pipeline


From appointing the former CEO of Exxon to be our new Secretary of State to installing oil-industry stooges to key cabinet positions that decide national energy policy, the Trump administration is intent on killing our climate. There may be a limit to the success we have lobbying Trump, but there are other ways to win. Public companies depend on us for their survival and when we join together to demand it, they will be held accountable.



With hope and determination,


Dalia, Ari, Danny, Joseph, Nataliya and the rest of the Avaaz team




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