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To:  U.S. Congress As Constitution loving God fearing citizens of the Unites States of America we demand an end to the collaboration and secret agreements being made between our government and alien beings from outer space and subterranean hollow earth. We declare these agreements are HIGH TREASON against the Constitution and the people of the United States.


We demand an end to secret societies who have infiltrated and run our government and demand the abolishment of those who are attempting to turn this nation under Luciferian power and control through a New World Order. We stand under agreement of the Constitution of America that this country is under the Most High God and declare our intentions to serve and love only the Most High God.


We demand that ALL joint human and alien underground bases such as Dulce Base in Dulce, New Mexico be destroyed and the thousands of innocent people being held as prisoners in them be set free.


We demand a thorough congressional investigation of these underground bases by honest legitimate constitution loving elected officials (the few that there are) and we demand an end to the conspiring to replace our constitution with a New World Order.


We declare our nation "one nation under God" and that that God is the Most High God and not the one served by the New World Order.


We demand an end to the New World Order presence in our country and the nullification of all those congressional leaders who support it. We declare they also are committing HIGH TREASON against our constitution and country for refusing to defend it and trying to replace it.


We demand the abolishment of unconstitutional executive orders and the abolishment of government agencies who seek to take away our rights under the constitution instead of defend and protect them.


We demand our republic and constitution be restored and the Luciferians to be arrested for their HIGH TREASON against our country.


As God fearing citizens of the United States of America we demand our Constitution be restored and our country returned to the original intent of our forefathers.

June 9, 2011