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Anton Miller

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To the top Military Leaders of America, to all Armed Services personnel of America; to all good people among you with souls:


“The American people have had enough of war creating more enemies abroad while killing our domestic agenda here at home. Our nation simply cannot afford another war, economically, diplomatically or spiritually. Congress must find its voice and the American people must call upon Congress to take the Administration off the war path”. [Dennis Kucinich May 25, 2011]


The American people have also had enough of the killing of innocent men, women, and children abroad, for the sake of “empire building”, from Vietnam, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and now Libya, as examples, which is also why the domestic agenda is dying Mr. Kucinich.


In union there is strength. In union with our Creator there is Divine strength and protection. Will you, the Top Military Leadership of America, join forces with Our Creator and stand up to your oath to protect the Constitution of this country? Will you stand up to your oath to protect the citizens of this country from the foreign invasion that is occurring upon this soil from many directions? Will you stand up in courage with such ones as Captain Eric May, Gordon Duff, J.B. Campbell, and the numerous other contributors of Veterans Today? Will you stand up with the true militia of today like the true militia did in 1776? Will you stand up in unison, follow your oath, and remove from this compromised government, all those engaged in Treason and Trading with the Enemy? All those engaged in compromised actions by Mossad agents? By Bolshevik KGB agents? By compromised pacts and agreements with AIPAC? All those of dual citizenship serving more than one country?

All those of questionable citizenship serving this compromised government?


Does it matter to those of you with souls that the Constitutional Rights of the American people are being stripped away, unilaterally, or that daily, the good people of this once strong Nation are being mis-treated more and more by brutal force? Does it matter all of this is happening while resources that could serve the good are being wasted on foreign soil in the illegal, unwarranted murder of civilians in the name of “campaigns” that only fill the coiffures of the corporations​


You of the good Military have the resources, skills, and experience of intelligence gathering, covert operations, special forces training, and technology to conduct an “Operation Jericho” in keeping your oath to the American people and the beloved Country of America. Joshua brought down the compromised, corrupted government of Jericho without bloodshed and without firing one shot because he asked for the help to do so from Our Creator and was sincere in the asking. This is a Clarion Call for those in the American Military, especially key leadership, to make that call upon Our Creator in unison with sincerity , as the warrior Joshua did.


When facing your accounting with Creator at the end of this life stream, how do you want to be remembered?


A. Do you want to be remembered for participating in the snuffing out of the lives of innocent men, women, and children with the tech weapons of warfare, including the damage to generations from radioactive ordinance? Do you want to be remembered for participating in

“campaigns” that bring profits to empire building corporations?


B. Do you want to be remembered for standing up in courage with the Divine help of our Creator in bringing and end to war and the end to a compromised government that supports war at all costs?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a make or break situation. Everyone's future is at stake including yours. Please make the call!


In the One Light of Creator Source,

Anton Miller


May 27, 2011