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Action Alert: Get US Out Of Afghanistan Now

The Pen

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Subject: Action Alert: Get US Out Of Afghanistan Now
Occupying Afghanistan Does Nothing But Make America LESS Safe

Didn't we already have a so-called troop "surge" in Afghanistan? Well it obviously didn't work. Because now General Stanley McChrystal, whose last appointment was head of Dick Cheney's secret international assassination ring, is back pressuring President Obama to double down again on this strategically insane bet. The policy was doomed from the beginning, as we all knew, has done nothing but exacerbate hatred of America, and the more troops we send the more terrorists there will be who want nothing but revenge for the military occupation of their own country.

And for what? To prop up the patently fraudulent Karzai regime, that just stole an election with massive wholesale vote rigging. If our goal was to bring American style democracy to a remote and backward conglomeration of tribal warlords, considering our own electronically rigged elections, perhaps that is exactly what we have done. We are on the wrong side. We need to get out and cut our losses, NOW. HR2404 calls for an exit strategy. HR3699 prohibits funding for increasing our military force in Afghanistan.

Out Of Afghanistan Action Page:

The only good news is that there is a serious debate going on inside the Obama administration about this. It was a huge appointment mistake to put General McChrystal in charge in the first place. And following more of his bad counsel will lead only to greater disaster. Obama approved more troops for Afghanistan in February. They were sent, and now we learn the situation has only deteriorated. And the reason is that we can never, ever subjugate with military force such a mountainous and fiercely tribal country, not with a million troops, not in a million years.

Those who ruled America by fear for eight years have their doomsayers out there in full force, braying that leaving Afghanistan will empower the terrorists. For those with a memory, those of the same ilk in a previous generation shouted that leaving Vietnam, and not doubling our troop numbers there again and again, would cause other countries to fall to the commies like dominos. How utterly preposterous it all sounds now.

If fact, it is our PRESENCE in Afghanistan that empowers those who hate America, by creating more people who hate America, every time we bomb a wedding party, in a attempt to kill everyone even SUSPECTED of being a terrorists. Why would Al Qaeda, if they are still the real enemy at all, even WANT to return to such a backward place with such poor communications with the outside world, when operationally they are probably better off wherever they are now? It's just more senseless firepower thrown at absolutely the wrong target.

And while we are at it, in case you had not noticed, there is absolutely no intention of us EVER leaving Iraq either. All they have done is shuffle some troops around while commanders on the ground talk about us being there for decades to come. While at the same time you have right wing chuckleheads like Bill Kristol, Mr. Throwing Flowers and Candy himself, on Fox peddling the recycled hogwash that the people of Iran would welcome a military attack by us. As if we need yet a third sinkhole in the Middle East to deal with.

 Why, even Henry Kissinger poked his head out of whatever undisclosed bunker location he's been hiding in, to avoid his own international arrest, to argue that we should give Obama's "new" appointments more rope to hang us with. Except they are all just the same OLD people from the Cheney regime, and they should have all been cleaned out day one, instead of leading us further down the wrong road. More troops is just the start Kissinger says. Haven't we heard enough from the genius architect of the original Vietnam debacle, and his retread of a Vietnamization theory?

Out Of Afghanistan Action Page:

Please speak out now. If President Obama did NOT have doubts about all this he could not be as much smarter than George Bush as we all give him credit for. But Congress is the decider on whether to go to war and whether to bring the troops home. And bring the troops homthey must, and that's what they need to hear from us now. And here is the one click Facebook page for this action. Out Of Afghanistan Facebook Action:

And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your members of Congress that way, is

@cxs #p1007

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.