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Galloway Sues Canada Over Entry Ban

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British anti-war lawmaker George Galloway is taking legal action against Canada because he was prevented from entering the country in March.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada said in March that Galloway would not be allowed entry and referred to a catch-all legal clause.

A speaking tour of Canada had been arranged for him when he was denied entry.

Galloway is suing Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and the directors of two major Jewish groups over suggestions that he supports terrorism.

Calling the ban "idiotic", Galloway vowed to use all means at his disposal to overturn the ruling.

"The outrageous decision is not something I'm prepared to accept," the British MP said in mid March.

Galloway has been a vocal critic of Israeli violence against Palestinians and has voiced support for the democratically elected government of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

During Israel's 22-day offensive in Gaza, he strongly condemned Tel Aviv's deadly onslaught, calling it 'genocide'. He also headed a convoy of humanitarian supplies from Britain to the beleaguered Gaza Strip, despite the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, in February.