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DOOMER DOUG says Civil War Two has begun in the USA during the last 72 hours. The reason for that is not what many of you will think. It is not the insolent NWO pig Napoleony of Homeland Repression and her report. Nor is it the newly passed House bill about new mothers being monitored for "depression." Neither is it the fact that the new PC litmus test for being Miss America is to be pro gay marriage; if you are not, you will not be given the top slot. Further, openly gay judges at the Miss America pageant may now openly call contestants, "stupid bitches." No hate crime since it is now PC to do so.

Nor has Civil War two now begun due to Barney Franks and his hate speech bill racing through the rotting NWO corpse called both the Senate and the House of Representatives. These are merely provocations and reflections of the underlying reality.

What happened in the last 72 hours was the start of ARMED RESISTANCE. Not Chuck Norris whining about becoming President of Texas, or Perry, a NWO stooge if ever DOOMER DOUG saw one, ranting about state sucession.

NO, all civil wars and revolutions begin with small acts of violence against the state, usually by an individual or small groups. After that, the deluge is unleashed. IT is recorded the Cossacks monitoring the bread lines in the final few days before the Russian Revolution broke out reported "increased restlessness" among the crowds. It is recorded that the run up to the election of Adolf Hitler was violent, clashes between Brown Shirt and Communist gangs.

So what has happened in the last 72 hours that makes DOOMER DOUG now publically, openly and quite honestly say CIVIL WAR TWO HAS NOW BEGUN. It is simple. Over the last few weeks we have seen here in the USA a wave of violence, ranging from open slaughter of police officers, to domestic massacres and solo crazies like in Binghamton. But that was not enough for DOOMER DOUG to say Civil War Two has now officially started.

What DOOMER DOUG needed was a concrete example, one single example of armed resistance to the symbol of the state and the person of the state. I realize some of you, many of you may think DOOMER DOUG is misunderstanding the data. So be it. has a story, a small one buried in the clutter of an incident in Arizona. One man and one incident. IT seems our NWO pig Napoleoni as governor of Arizona passed a law back in 2007 allowing mass radar detection ALL OVER THE STATE. Further, the contract was outsourced, to an Austalian firm of all things, and has been ongoing for the last year or so.

There are these vans, plainly marked radar vans, all over in Arizona and they have contract technicians in them, just hired guys. Well, the other day a motorist got so ticked at the van that he went up and shot the tech in the van. WASTED HIM ON THE SPOT.

This is what DOOMER DOUG has been waiting for. The flare gun in the middle of the night. People have had enough. THEY WILL TAKE NO MORE.

Consider yourself warned. DOOMER DOUG believes that the 2nd American Civil War will be dated from April 20th 2009. DOOMER DOUG believes that future historians, assuming there are any, will date the beginning of the 2nd American Civil War from this one incident in Arizona. IT will be the Cossack report on increased restlessness in the crowd.

Consider this the DOOMER DOUG version of the Steve Quayle two week warning. The outbreak into chaos will take longer than that, but today will be seen as the beginning.

You may ignore this information if you choose. DOOMER DOUG, ever the populist libertarian, gives you that right. However, DOOMER DOUG is telling you, in open public forum, that ARMED RESISTANCE HAS BEGUN. This is not "road rage." It is not " a lone wacko." It is the first rock of the avalanche of social anarchy which is going to explode across America in the coming days/weeks and months.

Consider yourself warned. "Son of man if you tell them and they laugh at you, it is on them, but Son of man if you don't tell them and they die in their stupidity, it is on you."

DOOMER DOUG is released from any further obligation. DOOMER DOUG has written for 11 years now. This is DOOMER DOUG'S final warning. The economic collapse and corruption is ongoing. We are now seeing the social anarchy starting. This one man didn't understand what he was doing, or what he is unleashing. That doesn't mean it won't be unleashed.

The first rock has fallen upon the mountain side. Consider yourself warned.


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