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Brasscheck TV: Criminalize all that is good.

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"Nobody has ever died from marijuana who wasn't shot by a cop."

"They fear the culture that arrives around marijuana use, it resembles the 1960's peace movements too much, it resembles intelligent citizens waking up to and fighting against a senseless war in Vietnam..."

"The USA today spends more tax money on jailing users of marijuana than education.  "The war on drugs" is a billion dollar industry and they aren't going to let that kind of income slip away easily."

HUMANITY IS INSANE!  You can't even control your own SELected government who you established to take care of you because you didn't like the idea of personal self-sovereignty and the eternal vigilance that true freedom entailed... and now look at this mess.  We'll all be lucky to even survive our own polluted food supply for one more generation (that's all folks).  That first line above which comes at the end of this video says it ALL.  How can ANYONE respect slaves wi th guns who support a corrupt LYING government for the sake of MONEY?!  Filthy, disgusting souls, that's who... the same kind of people who thought Hitler was "not that bad"... until after the war ended, of course.  Bloody hypocrites.

May Inanna spare us all our own fate and INTERVIENE TODAY!  (Or at least get me out of your web of lies to live back home in Her world in peace)  I beg to differ that it's the ETs who are good and humans that are the skum of the universe.  Earth and Earthlings act more like a spherical JAIL and JAILERS than anywhere else I've known about.  I cannot be more honest in my opinion on this matter.  My faith and hope in humanity is shot.  My faith and hope in ET mass intervention (not FAKE government lies - bluebeam) will live forever!

I'm only saying what most don't want to be "seen" saying.  You know who you are.  ;)  You want to remain positive, but your hope, after all these yea rs, is no better than it was when you first heard about all this cover-up crap.  Nothing's changed... if anything, it's only gotten worse.

ET intervention NOW!