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URGENT NORTH AMERICAN RED ALERT: C-51 Goes to Second Reading Monday or Tuesday: Implications for North America

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URGENT!! ACT IMMEDIATELY!! See below. This alert just in from Tony Stephan of Truehope Inc. in Alberta Canada. Tony has 8 employees hard at work in an emergency call center from which they're contacting every health food store in Canada urging emergency assistance to kill the bill from hell: C-51.

No one in Canada or the USA can afford not to help kill this bill. If you are American, please forward this to anyone in Canada who you know, and if you are Canadian, please take action yourself, then download this info and bring it to every health food store within a 25 k radius of your house and urge them to bagstuff the alert and to urge customers to call their MPs to strenuously oppose this. If you don' you will lose your access to dietary supplements. Keep in mind that the evil Canadian Health Food Assn isn't helping to kill this bill.

IAHF warns vitamin consumers globally that the European Food Safety Authority combined with the European Commission will be unleashing the regs from hell in January 2009, and that they'll make their way into Codex because the EU politically dominates Codex. These will be "Maximum Safe Upper Levels" that will be only slight multiples above RDA. IAHF warns you that if we fail to get congressional oversight in the USA on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico, we will not be able to stop this from coming to America, we will not be able to defend DSHEA. IAHF has just issued an urgent warning to the Life Extension Foundation, National Health Federation, American Association for Health Freedom, National Council for Health Freedom and allied groups world wide to the urgent need to assist film maker Kevin Miller so he can produce an updated version of "We Become Silent" which will focus on these issues.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

An Important Notice Regarding Bill C-51

On April 8, 2008, the Minister of Health in Canada introduced Bill C-51 into the House of Commons. This Bill proposes significant changes to the current Food and Drugs Act that would remove critical checks and balances from Health Canada and endanger your Constitutional rights to “life, liberty, and security of person” (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 7).

Without immediate action from concerned citizens like you, this Bill will soon be law in Canada.

Consider How Bill C-51 Would Affect You

Many natural health products that have been sold in Canada for decades would become unavailable, and remaining products would cost much more (Sections 13 & 18.7); The government could designate any natural health product a prescription drug, making it available by prescription only (Section 15.1(4)); You could be fined thousands of dollars or go to jail for giving your child or friend a natural health product (Sections 31 & 3(3) – expanded definition of “sell”); Researchers would lose academic freedom: they could not study the beneficial effects of natural health products without first getting the government’s permission (Sections 3(6) & 18.2); International laws that restrict access to natural health products could be made law in Canada without the approval of elected officials or anydebate in the House of Commons (Sections 3(6) & 30(7)); To enforce this new law, inspectors could enter private property and (Section 23): take anything at their discretion; never pay the owner for it; charge the owner of the property a fee for shipping it to a secure storage unit; charge the owner of the property fees for keeping it in storage; keep it in storage as long as they want; and/or dispose of it at will. Health Canada Needs Checks and Balances

Acting under current laws, Health Canada has already endangered Canadians’ lives by seizing their natural health products. In 2003, Health Canada seized personal shipments of EMPowerplus, a vitamin-mineral supplement that hundreds of Canadians with bipolar disorder and other serious mood disorders depended on for mental wellness, and ordered Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. to stop selling the supplement in Canada. Fearing for the safety of Canadians who were using EMPowerplus, Truehope disobeyed Health Canada’s orders and was charged with selling an illegal drug.

Fortunately, in this case, Health Canada was unsuccessful in removing EMPowerplus from the market. In 2006, Truehope was found not guilty. The court ruled that Truehope was “overwhelmingly compelled to disobey…in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of the users of the supplement”, and Health Canada dropped its appeal of this case in October 2006. (Learn more ).

However, Bill C-51 would make it easier for Health Canada to seize natural health products like EMPowerplus in the future and remove them from the market,  violating your Constitutional rights to “life, liberty, and security of person.”

What You Can Do To Protect Your Rights

· Read Bill C-51.

· Read a Discussion Paper on Bill C-51 by the President of the Natural Health Product Protection Agency (NHPPA).

· Contact your local MP to voice your objections to this Bill.

· Forward this email to all of your concerned friends and family.

· Attend a key court case to stop Health Canada from seizing natural

health products without court permission.

Where: Federal Court of Canada, 635 8 Ave SW, 4th floor, Calgary, Alberta.

When: Friday, May 9, 2008, at 1:00 pm.

Americans- Take action via

Donations needed to help me visit health food stores all over the lower  mainland around Vancouver to sound the alarm. Remember Americans, if we don't  slay this dragon in Canada, its coming here next.

If you value your life, if you value your health, if you value your access to dietary supplements please let IAHF know how much you care by making a donation to:

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.

Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal