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Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the toughest conservatives in America today.

And she has been a staunch ally of President Donald Trump from the beginning.

But now, Pirro is sounding the alarm by exposing the Democrats’ latest plot against Trump with just five words.

As one of the most successful Fox News hostsin recent years, Judge Jeanine Pirro has a loyal following that numbers in the millions.

Her supporters tune in to her show regularly to catch up with the latest and greatest dirty tactics the Democrats and the far-left are employing to undermine President Trump.

And as the 2020 election looms on the horizon, things are being cranked up a notch.

Pirrois now working to expose the greatest Democratic plot against Trump to date.

And she exposed it all with just five words.

The Daily Caller reports, “Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro believes there’s a ‘plot to remake America,’ which is the theme of her new book ‘Radical, Resistance and Revenge.’”

“You can see everything is upside down: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, law and order, respect for authority,”said Pirro.

Pirro is exactly right.

There is a plot to remake America.

And the plot to remake America wishes to see the United States become more like Venezuela.

But there’s something else going on as well, something that’s happening under the surface.

While Democrats running for President slam Trump on a daily basis and vow to undo his work as President, they’re also making more and more radical proposals that just a few years ago were considered totally out of the norm.

Blanket amnesty and healthcare for illegal immigrants, eliminating ICE, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, and reparations for slavery are now widely accepted agenda items within the modern Democratic Party.

And it’s a transformation that took place rapidly within just a few years.

Pirro is seeing it too, and she’s connecting the dots.

“She went on to say that she’s worried about the ‘anger’ coming from the left and what she sees as an effort to silence conservatives,”the Daily Caller adds.

“I love a two party system, I love that we can debate, and that we can differ, but this is different. They want to shut us down, they hate our president. When you think about all the times they’ve talked about blowing up the White House, killing the president — this is lunacy,”Pirro said in her recent interview.

She’s nailed the problem on the head.

As a former prosecutor, Pirro knows the game that the left is playing.

And she knows they’re trying to shift the goal posts of what is acceptable in American politics.

She’s now working to make sure that they don’t get their way, and she’s sounding the alarm bells to make sure others are aware of the plot to remake America from the far left as well.