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Rocky Montana

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Rocky Montana

July 22. 2016   Update Nov. 3, 2016

Our political leaders have failed us.  America is in dire need of new and better leadership.  And so we find ourselves engaged in a fight not only for the U.S. Presidency, not only for the U.S. Senate and House majority, not only for state Governors and state Senate and Assembly majorities, but, equally as important, in a fight for the heart and soul of America!

Americans have known for some time that our politicians have taken America down a dark path toward socialist-fascism, oligarchism, cronyism and political tyranny.  Instead of trying to make life easier for all Americans, they have all but smashed the possibility of our achieving the American dream.  They have harmed the citizenry in every important way, from infringing on our God-given/Constitutional rights to meddling in every aspect of our lives, all the while with their hands in our pockets.  We-the-people have had enough!  To this end we have voted for and nominated anti-Establishment GOP Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.  Trump has pledged to help lead this country back from the abyss and to: make America secure again, make America work again, make America one again, and Make America Great Again!

Freedom IS NOT Free.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."  This statement is as true today as it was stated in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson.  If we are to keep America free, we must be willing to make selfless sacrifices from time to time, as needed.  Now is the time to give of ourselves, and to give like we have never given before!  And I don't just mean giving money; I also mean giving of our time and energy.  Unfortunately, it takes lots of money to win the U.S. Presidency and to win U.S. Senate and House seats.  Presidential nominee Trump, Vice-presidential nominee Pence and all the Republican Senators and Congressmen running for office in 2016 need our financial support from all like-minded voters across America. 

Donald Trump self-funded the majority of his GOP Primary campaign, approximately $43 million, and refused money from political PACS.  He uses his campaign funds very efficiently and is very generous with contributions to his own campaign.  On July 20, 2016, CNN reported that the Clinton campaign had outspent the Trump campaign by over 16 to 1 in campaign ads.  Trump has stated that he will have self-funded $100 million for both his campaigns.  Can you not give his campaign a few dollars in a show of support?  We should admire this political outsider's integrity, his financial sacrifices and generosity, his leadership ability, his business acumen, his executive talent, his courage to take on the Washington Establishment, his vision and his dedication to the betterment of America.  America has not seen a presidential candidate like Donald Trump since Ross Perot, who was more successful than most Americans know and experienced a total rigged election as Trump is experiencing.  We should thank God we have a candidate who can and will beat Hillary Clinton!  Please contribute to Donald Trump's campaign below.

Now, with victory within our grasp, we learn of a Democrat-inspired plot to rig the election on a national scale in favor of Hillary (Hellary) Clinton.  I don't know if this fraud can be thwarted.  The DOJ won't stop it because they are in collusion with Hellary.  The FBI and/or the U.S. military could stop it if they act quickly, but will they?  Vladimir Putin, with his powerful E.L.F. and scalar weapons in low orbit could disable this electronic fraud but has vowed to not interfere with U.S. elections.  We-the-America-people must effort to stop it, so get the word out.  And as we do all we can, we become  worthy of receiving God's help. 

Prayer has and can work again in a national crisis.

As you may know, prayer is simply the act of communicating with God, our Creator Source.  A sincere and impassioned prayer to God can evoke a powerful response from Creator--just be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.  In the present context, prayer can counter the many formidable attacks on the rights of all Americans by the Clinton-Obama Washington Establishment of both Democrats and Republicans, designed to permanently transform America and the political, social, and moral landscape of our nation.

Our founding fathers knew about the power of prayer and used prayer in critical times during the forging of our nation.  David Barton, one of our nation's leading Christian historians, writes...


With his army facing starvation at Valley Forge, George Washington turned to God in prayer...


On June 28, 1787, just a few weeks before the signing of our Constitution, the Constitutional Convention had begun to unravel.  Recognizing the possibility of the convention's failure, Benjamin Franklin rose and delivered his famous speech to remind his bickering colleagues that unless God is the foundation and the builder of the house, those who labor to build it do so in vain.  He urged the members to pray, and after a three-day prayer meeting at a nearby church, they returned to the same room and our Constitution was born."

At a crucial time during the Civil War, with the nation on the brink of total disaster, Abraham Lincoln got down on his knees before Almighty God and prayed.

End quoting.

If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.    --2 Chronicles 7:14

God will work with us, but not for us.  If we will honor and revere God, if we will keep His laws, if we will do everything we can possibly do, and if we will humbly ask for His help in a common endeavor to restore America, God will hear our prayers and I believe He will come to our aid in our hour of national crisis. 

Please join with me in praying frequently to God between now and November 8 for God's help to save and restore our U.S. Constitution and Bill or Rights and to prevent Hillary Clinton and her band of criminal globalist miscreants from stealing this Presidential election.  Pray for the success of the Constitutional and law-and-order (rule of law) Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.  Pray also for the success of new and incumbent Constitutional and law-and-order leaning men and women now running for public office.  Come together, America, as one nation under God!


Permission is given to share this document in its entirety.