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John Kaminski

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July 21, 2016

A great shadow casts a lethal secret

on America’s attempts to be free



By John Kaminski



The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. 

— H. L. Mencken



This is how they built up the war in Iraq. A continuing series of lies, each more bold than the last. No one really believed them but everyone accepted them because all the authority figures said they were true. Still staggering from the psychic wound of 9/11, the public was once again misled by the people it aimed to trust the most, its leaders, and its senior strategists who all said we needed to go to war. The ulterior motive, now well known, was to steal Iraq’s oil and blame Saddam for a terror attack that the U.S. designed and caused itself.


Commentators feigning retardation peddle the nonsense that terrorists are actually real, instead of reporting that terrorists are actually crisis actors with submachine guns and hand held missiles hired by the Western powers to destabilize countries for the Jews.  These LGBT-TV pretty boys all pretend that Israel has nothing to do with terror and the Jews are simply law-abiding members of our pluralistic society. So instead we blamed the Arabs and bombed Afghanistan. 


Like the aftermath of an earthquake in the minds of all Americans, the terror aftershocks keep coming, manufactured by a corrupt government desperately trying to prove it is needed for lifetime supervision of a wayward populace, though all it ever does is put people in jail and prepare for war against threats it itself has created.


This profound dishonesty has plagued the American republic since its inception. The leaders know what’s really happening and the public is always kept in the dark. The American people have been turned into a cash crop that is periodically harvested by the foreign impresarios who control the world by controlling everyone’s money.


Can’t let Americans off the hook, though. They went along with all the unjustly spilled blood and profited from it, except for their sons and daughters who spilled theirs.


America, will you ever awaken and see that the profits of your labor are being stolen? Or that the criminal actions you perpetrate upon the world are truly evil? You show no signs of doing so. Perhaps you don’t even deserve to be warned.


Crisis terrorists


Terror! Our government thrives on terror. If genuine terror can’t be found, the government invents its own, hires crisis actors and authorizes trillions for the development of new, ever more sophisticated ways to intimidate the public into quiet obedience.


Billions in new infrastructure. Millions more for consultants. Cradle to grave, 24/7 monitoring of everyone. Drones that can monitor your blood pressure. Well-paying ads for crisis actors on Craigslist.


The top law enforcers break the law. Local cops terrorize motorists with false testimony and frequent extortion.


Our government likes terror, which is why, since the early part of the 20th century, it invents terror to further to achieve its own ends, principally to start wars and to regiment its citizenry into grateful slaves.


Ever since the demolition of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the government has conducted a series of false flag operations, ever increasing in intensity and always accompanied by new legislation aimed at removing all guns from the hands of the population.


Since 9/11 we never apprehended a single legitimate suspect for the greatest crime in American history, and everybody who handled the case got promoted.


Does that not reveal the true character of the U.S. government as something that is not good for the American people at all!


What is it in our belief systems that permits us to accept a government administrative apparatus that is clearly working for our own destruction? What kind of pothole in our own consciousness would allow this to happen?


From democracy to depravity


Something is being kept from us. Why does ISIS drive new Toyotas and go to Israel for medical care? Is ISIS the next generation al-Qaeda, available for destabilization tactics anywhere, any time.


Without stern strictures on its populace, a nation may not survive. This is what the Lefties object to, convinced as they are that the world is depriving them of freedoms they simply have not yet earned.


Humans are voracious, and therefore undependable. This is what the Righties insist when they say ‘I have found myself in this fortuitous position through my own hard work, and wish no change to the status quo.’ 


The collisions are inevitable, and perpetual. This is where “strength in diversity”, that slogan pushed upon us by the Jews to destabilize our societies, is vaporized, demolished and blown to smithereens. We get along best with our own kin, if we are raised right. 


It is the devious Jews who have splintered the white race with political philosophies and monotheistic religions and got it to implode upon itself, guaranteeing perpetual sectarian wars among zealots who are convinced their way is the only right way.


As Americans, we are not who we say we are. We never have been. Just ask an Indian. Or a Vietnamese. Perhaps ask someone from Yemen.


Even though they may conceal their violent side, even peaceful governments wreak havoc on those less developed fellows who mean no harm and pose no threat. This is what most Americans refuse to see: the effect of phosphorus on Fallujah, the multiple poisonings of Americans by their own government, and the deliberate unwillingness to even consider the progress of the human footprint creating devolution rather than any kind of progress.


Perhaps, as H.G. Wells suggested, we are zooming toward a master/slave society in which we are the Eloi and they are the Morlocks. Perhaps too, as many would suggest, we are already there.


But we are beyond bemoaning the senseless viciousness of our government, which kills its own doctors and poisons its own children to sustain political contributions from pharmaceutical companies. 


This is the way the world is, and it’s not exactly what you’d call a viable recipe for good health.


The wedding party


Will you kill someone based on false information you have received and believed? You wouldn’t do it if you knew the information was false, of course, but what if you didn’t know it was false? What if you only learned it was false after the deed was done, and it was too late to do anything about it?


What does it mean, these days, to say you are patriotic? Do you support decades of false statements, many millions dead over lies than manipulated gullible people into waging war against other countries we would later blame for our crimes? Does your patriotism mean you support “your country” that for two hundred years the rich have gotten richer on the blood of the poor?


This is an era where an ex-president can break the law and tell the current Attorney General not to prosecute his wife who happens to be running for president, and an FBI director in cahoots with them both readily approves the maneuver.


As technology further shackles our shrinking minds, these continuing fictions have not only reduced the human capacity for individual thought, they have eliminated from our emotional responses such unprofitable concepts as honesty, loyalty and compassion.


Firming up totalitarianism


The false euphoria that has erupted across the land over the mention of a wall on the Mexican border has triggered an apparent revolution among the disenfranchised white denizens of the U.S. 


Once used to union wages, they are now flipping burgers with the other seniors while the recent imports from Central America drive shiny new cars, talk on their free cell phones, and collect more benefits than unemployed white pensioners. So Trump’s insistence on blaming illegals created the resonance that will get him elected. But once in office, what demons might lie ahead?


Blaming illegals exposed that gray area between illegal and green card where lots of money passes between illegals and their handlers. It is analogous to the secret military budget that funds false flag terror with the profits from distributing Afghan heroin around the world.


What to believe? People in charge are making money off their decisions. the Clintons are worth billions.


Donald Trump terrifies me. His worshippers come from the simple-minded level of discourse in American politics. But the chilling fact remains that all of his closest advisers are Israeli agents, guaranteeing he will continue the deliberate blindspot enforced by American media to make no mention of the obvious Jewish-Israeli responsibility for the attack on America on 9/11/2001.


Because of this suppressed secret, America can only hope to limp pathetically into a future crippled by its own deception and drained of life by not expelling the parasite that has raped and murdered its innocence.


It is what we deserve for not paying attention? The best we can get? A president who will pretend he is not a puppet of the Jews, yet surrounded by a phalanx of Jewish conspirators all working to sedate, mislead and eventually eliminate all Americans who still believe they are an independent nation when they are really an an Israeli vassal state.


Captive nation


You don’t know whether the wars are real, nor the terror attacks. Where are the bodies, where is the blood?


Why is the force applying all the pressure on societies never revealed, always in the background, mysterious people, home grown terrorists, eyewitness testimony that always differs from what the government says happened, unless they are paid by the government to follow a devious script.


Blaming the Catholics, blaming the Muslims, blaming the heathens, but never blaming the Jews. How interesting! Do you have the courage to figure it out?


Will we be like blacks, suing for reparations the whites who set them free?


America is enough to make you scream. Or is that the robotic sound of Americans merely shrieking to the Jews, saying, “Yes, master”?


The doublespeak about our future is based on rigged data, bad choices, ruthless lies, all couched on a profit motive that has wound up poisoning the public. The continuing fictions have turned our brains to rust, trying to comprehend things that cannot be possible but that the government says are true.


Electing Trump is not going to fix anything as long as the lie of 9/11 is allowed to continue to stand, because this malicious myth is the engine of endless war, and if it is allowed to continue to operate we will all be consumed by its flames.


We can’t get clear of the 9/11 lie without exposing Jewish perfidy on a subliminal level of every aspect of American culture.


We are covered in a pile of lies meant to keep us from seeing ourselves.


How many cops were in on the coverup about 9/11? Thousands?


And how many cops are in on the coverups now? Millions?


Now you may calculate your odds on achieving a healthy future in a peaceful world.


You want to restore American “greatness”. America can never aspire to be great without a thorough accounting of its scandalous history, most especially a forthright review and indictment of the traitors who engineered the 9/11 disaster, most of whom are still running the American government.


Freedom will prove elusive until that day comes.




John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.