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Presidents Day? How about Founders Day?


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Dec. 20, 2012

Presidents Day? How about Founders Day?

Here's how to bring meaning back to the holiday

Founding33Do you remember when America celebrated George Washington's birthday and Abraham Lincoln's?


Now America marks Presidents Day – which leaves some not so sure there's a lot to celebrate.


But the WND Superstore has the intellectual antidote.


While the rest of America is shopping on Presidents Day, you can be brushing up on the eternal values of America's founders – including Washington and Lincoln, of course.


Welcome to the Founding Fathers department of the WND Superstore – stocked with classics and hard-to-find resources on who and what made America great.


Some of what you’ll find: "A Nation Adrift" is a great DVD documentary about how America went off the rails from the vision first articulated so clearly by the founders."The Federalist Papers in Modern Language.""America's God-and-Country Encyclopedia of Quotations" compiled by Bill Federer.


"Life of Washington":Learn the truth in "George Washington's Sacred Fire."



Would you like to breeze through the Federalist Papers? That's what you'll be able to do by reading them in contemporary English in This is simply a must have for every patriot!


Here's a great treasure for every library – No revisionist history here. This is a recreation of the work by Anna C. Lee, the niece of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It was produced for the American Sunday School Union before 1850, was translated into more than 20 languages and was one of the most widely read biographies of Washington at the time.


Was Washington really a deist? God forbid!



That's just a sampling of some 30 items you'll find in the Founding Fathers department, which also includes some neat collector's knives.


Order today to equip yourself and your children with the truth – and a deeper appreciation of what came before.