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Watch this video, it says it all. Evidently Obama realizes the power of this message as he has summoned the maker to a conference to the White House. Pass this to everyone you know. EVERYONE needs to see and hear this one:

This kid says it all.

FREEDOM IS NOT DEAD a non profit corporation incorporated in the state of Arkansas. Our hope is that this will become a great tool for activists with a real dedication to changing our country and restoring our rights.

See Articles of Incorporation

This site is for those of us who are getting prepared and ready to defend our liberties and are determined to live our lives without the thumbprint of Big Brother on our foreheads.

We are forming a community for those that are tired of being ruled by government that prevents our living with dignity. Our community will be a example of what free men and women can do for themselves, by them selves without permission from a government ruled by liberals who have no earthly idea of what it is to be free. They are so tied up in being fair, being politically correct that they have forgotten what we are. We Are AMERICANS we are the people who are individuals with their own thoughts and desires. We are a mixed race of individuals with a common bond.

Others have tried to do this same project with no success as they tried to be the government themselves. We have no desire to run anyones lives, no desire to make people conform, our only desire is to live as humans with feelings and desires for ourselves yet considering what others need and want also. We will not give up our individual religious, political and personal beliefs. We will live as good neighbors should live. We will be helping each other build, farm, survive as a group but have our own homesteads our own property and our own lives.

We have the opportunity of electing a Constitutional Sheriff ( google the power of a County Sheriff) who will protect our rights, lives and property against the Federal Government.

Michael Badnarik is our candidate. We have enough people moving to this community to out vote the residents and put in place Mike as sheriff. We are not trying to tear up the county, we hopefully will be accepted as one of the town and appreciated for what we will bring to this area. Economy will improve, more jobs, more money and more people to work together building a better life.

I hope you will help us with this project, support us, there are many many costs to a project of this nature. Our first needs will be cash for well, septic system, power and probably other costs we have not even confronted as yet. These costs will be born out by the community but we are all in the same boat our cash is short, we have to pay for the property, equipment and the cost of moving. We will need help. Will you help us set a example for the country? Will you be one of us? Will you do something even if you cannot afford the move?

I hope and pray that all of you who see this page will explore the project and help us get it going quickly. There is a donation button on the right and below, plus we are selling products which will be helpful to you and all the profits go into the treasury for our initial costs.

Thank you all for your imput and help

Which Obama did YOU Vote For????


We are now a third world country ! Ruled by the very people who wish to destroy the country and all it has stood for over the years since our ancestors fought and died to give us the gift of Freedom, Equality and Prosperity.

All we had to do was keep it.

We failed. Miserably.

Greed and sloth has undone all the great work done before us, the blood of our forefathers spilt on the ground of battle for our spectulacular country is nothing more than a stain on the ground with no meaning to us as a nation.

Are you ready to become second (2nd) class citizens now? Go to the back of the Bus. We will have to find a Rosa Parks to lead us back to equality. Christian, Working Middle Class people will be reduced to simply a means of financing the lazy, unproductive, ignorant, welfare class.

Are you ready to become slaves to the mass of illegal aliens who will be in control of our government and all its resources? They have warned us for years of their intent. We did not listen. We had to be generous, forgiving, generous to those that are not as fortunate as we are.

Are you ready to work and supply all the welfare whores of this country to be able to sit back, eat their snacks ( food stamp freebies) watch their HDTV and have more children which we are obligated to support?

Are you ready to give up your freedom of dissent? Your freedom of speech? your freedom to control your own lives? You better be or you won't be allowed to survive, you will be a debit on the books. You will be erased. Your children will be raised by the Government, they are now but you have not seen that as yet. Your family is not a unit any longer, Mothers work, Fathers work, Children are cared for by institutions, trained to disobey their parents, trained to be lazy, trained to be ignorant and to follow the leader. Trained to believe in false leaders not God. Your child if he is under the age of 25 has never stood up in class and pledged alligence to our flag, has never stood and said the Lords Prayer in class. Has been taught to believe they should never feel bad, never have their feeling hurt much less their bottoms in punishment for bad behavior. There is always a pill ready to take care of any problem. Always feel good, always feel free to do what they wish and God Forbid they be taught right from wrong or self responsibility or working for what you want.

I give up. I am going to go to the Social Services and get in line for my share. I am tired of supporting those that refuse to work and learn. I am tired of fighting the tide. I want someone to take care of me. I want a new TV, I want new shoes, I want free medical care, I want a new home, new furniture, new car, I want everything I am entitled to just like everyone else and I don't want to work for it. I shouldn't have to. It is my right to be taken care of. I don't want to worry about that thing called SIN. I want to feel good all the time, I don't want to take care of my old parents, the state has places for them. No one will ABUSE me. I will be a totally free person to do what I wish anytime I wish no matter how it affects others.

I deserve it.

Don't we all ?

Oh Heck... I can't do it. Yes friends I will continue to fight, continue to say what I think and continue to bear arms in defense of my family , my country and my friends.

Yes I realize I will probably be one of the first to be harrassed, arrested, charged with petty crimes and discredited by many but I am a stubborn old bird. I cannot sit back and just let things go. I am possessed with a burning desire for honesty, for real education, for morality, and for a free country where those that do not believe as I do have as much right to say so as I do.

What can anyone do to me really? Take my money, I have none, Take my reputation? That has already been tarnished many times, Take my home? Take my car? Take my possessions? They are just things, meaning nothing in the end, I will die and those possessions will not go with me. I will die and nothing will remain but what I have done in the course of my life as a memory to those that I have touched.

I am biggoted, hard headed and feircely protective of my friends and family. I cannot change, I cannot quit even under pressure from my family and friends. There is nothing more important than what you think of yourself. I will not bend or bow to anyone except God, unless I find that I have been wrong, which is many times over. I continue to learn to teach and to preach the gospel of dignity, morality and pride in yourself as a person.

Keep the Faith, don't ever give up.

Some of our Service men and women are standing up !

What's going on here? Is there a reason for worrying about the seeds?