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Swallowing The Bait

Rod Remelin

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Not sure what the fuss is over the financial state of things in America, when there hasn't been any money in this country for 95 years. Seems as though folks are getting worked up about a whole lot of nothing, which is what the paper you carry around in your wallets is worth.
    The irony of the current "Dog and Pony Show", lies not so much in what feeds it (the American people's attention), but in the response to what they perceive to be going on here.   The American people are being manipulated, as usual, into thinking that something referred to as dollars in the billions, actually does exist. . . it doesn't, it's all make believe, a wet dream at best, having nothing to do with anything of value. By using the current staged event to draw your attention and interest, the World Management Team are seeing just how willing you are to swallow the bait.  They know that their system works on smoke and mirrors, bluff, and fluff, but are still needing to constantly reaffirm the illusion of what they want you to accept, support and go along with, by suggesting that you are part of what this is all about -- you aren't, unless you've been tricked into thinking that you are, in which case, you've already swallowed the bait -- hook, line and sinker. 
    Just because 320 million people all agree to trade polished rocks of a particular size, and color, amongst themselves, for goods and service, does not mean that those same rocks have any intrinsic value -- the same holding true for federal reserve notes, or paper dollars. The only value that can be had by either is assigned and subjective, and in both cases has nothing at all to do with true worth.
    Mind Control, or attention control, has been used on this planet for eons of time, in one form or another, usually with great effectiveness and overall success, mainly because humans, as a rule, are quite gullible. Because this inculcated and fostered character trait has forever-and-a-day, been imprinted on the genes of humanus boobus -- it no longer is a challenge to effectively control large
populations via various genetic reinforcement techniques, such as Drugs, Aerosols, Vaccines,  Tel-A-Vision, Electromagnetic Radiation from countless sources, Religion, and Government Propaganda. . . just to name a few.
    The only reason why the American people are getting worked up about the current on-going monetary sequel is because they have erroneously concluded they these great pretenders, under color of law, who think they are in charge and running things, have convinced them of such. . . they are in fact, imposters, and could only have managed to come this far with their deception, if it weren't for a completely deceived, neutered, acquiesced, and mindless public.