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Can an Ex KGB General Save America From Itself?

Pete Chamberlin

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Here is an interesting take on the positions I have taken as editor of There Are No Sunglasses:

“This is quite a unique site - American-based, but looking at things from a Russian point of view, even to the extent of echoing Russia’s traditional anti-Jewish (”anti-Zionist” rhetoric of the Cold War years. Socialist (”anti-capitalist”), to boot.

I’m so accustomed to looking at things from the traditional, nationalist point of view of military and economic advantage that I’m nonplussed when I encounter an editor who’s rooting for “the other side”.

Of course, the editor probably doesn’t look at it that way. He believes himself to be working together with all repressed peoples in the U.S. for the goal of a political and social revolution. The revolution would put new faces in charge that would adjust U.S. domestic and foreign policies to be more to the liking of Moscow and Beijing.

Interesting.” Reggie B

It is eye-opening for me as an American patriot to realize that I have strayed so far from my anti-communist roots that I now find myself supporting a Russian president who is confronting the United States. But it is true, that the current American administration is so out of control and of such apparent murderous intent that it must be stopped by whatever means necessary, from succeeding in its mad quest to initiate world war, and the only force that can do that is the Russian military. The hope of the world is that Putin is indeed a skilled chessman, and will be able to outthink Bush and Cheney and avoid a global thermonuclear meltdown.

It makes no sense at all to sane minds to think that our leaders would think that nuclear war is a good idea. How is the decimated world that will be left in the wake of global thermonuclear war superior to an alternative world which is spared the holocaust? How could the elimination of millions be preferable to the saving of millions?

It is necessary to understand the alternatives, to consider why the world masters think that nuclear war is the better choice. If nuclear war is the best solution, then what was the second-best solution? Is it all happening according to an evil plan, or is nuclear war a last desperate attempt to save the evil plan? It all comes down to the realization that if nuclear force is not used now, to force the world into the mold that the elitists have so carefully created for us, then all the conniving schemes would have been for nothing – it’s now, or never.

The ugly fact remains that the American President and Vice President are frantically provoking conflicts and confrontations on multiple fronts, trying every conceivable gambit to start world war III. Putin has begun to counter every radical step that Bush tries to take. American agents posing as “al Qaida” keep attacking Chinese troops and citizens, just as other “al Q” terrorists have been doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Meanwhile, Israel is being publicly informed by our Secretary of State that they have our permission to attack Iran, just as the largest international fleet assembled in many years sails to positions off the coast of Iran, in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. All of this erupts on cue, while the world is distracted with the Olympics and the near news blackout that comes with it.

From the point of view of most Americans, nothing new is going on in the world. This state of blindness is necessary for the nefarious plans to be slipped past the people. The dictatorship is counting on the democratic majority to not fulfill our Constitutional duty to restrain tyrannical government. They obviously figure that once the opportunity arises, they will be able to escalate hostilities so rapidly, that they will be able to seal the world’s fate before anyone has time to react. And the neoconservative whores will have been proven correct when they boasted:

“We’re an empire now, when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to study what we do.”

All of this is happening at once, yet the national media is unmoved, devoting only an occasional minute or two to covering facets of the impending crisis each evening, with the intent of using the opportunity to blame America’s enemies for every conflict. The American people should know what their government is doing to them and in their name. The people should know that our government’s plans for our national security are to eliminate any real security that we now have and replace it with the “security” of a police state. They plan to preserve themselves by destroying much of the world. The people should know this.

Our “free press” is actually a bubble that insulates the people from the evil our government is sowing. The “watchdog of government” faces the wrong direction, as it guards the government against the people, forgetting that its true master is the people. The press has transformed itself into a wall of division as it hides the government’s evil deeds, instead of making them transparent so that all could plainly see. We have to kill the watchdog, in order that the people might be allowed to see.

Preserving freedom requires that our “freedom of the press” be restored. Burst the press bubble, provide more real outlets for the truth to break free from those who have so much to keep hidden. The ugliest truth is that in all these potential conflicts it is the US and its proxy forces who are the aggressors. In all cases, it is the aggressor nation that must be stopped, if the war it has started is to be ended. Yet, in every case, the Western media dutifully reports that it is our allies who are under attack. Our free press hides our government’s aggressions from our people. This cannot be allowed to continue, especially if all the separate aggressions are leading to the same outcome, nuclear world war.

The empire that has been built on lies cannot withstand the light of day. The criminal enterprise that calls itself our “democratic government” knows that the people will consume them in their wrath when the day of revealing finally comes. They fully intend to take much of the earth back to the stone age in order to prevent that day from arriving. We have to be just as determined to stop them.

If this is the price for preserving the American global empire, then we cannot allow it to be paid. Leaders who have decided for us that maintaining the wasteful American lifestyle is more important than wasting millions of lives cannot be allowed to remain in power. It is far more important to save America than it is to save the corrupt empire. America must be forced to pull back from empire. The resources that are being robbed from the people to maintain the empire must be invested in America-strengthening projects, as a first measure to preserving the Republic. (The second necessary step will be investing in re-building the acreage we have bombed into oblivion.)

America has bankrupted its future, turning itself just another debtor nation that can no longer repay its debts. By all rights, it should be subjected to the same stringent IMF conditions as any Third World nation. The money that has been “loaned” throughout the world to nations with no resources to cover those debts, shackled under unreasonable repayment conditions is money that will never be repaid. The world economy has to swallow all this bad debt and restructure itself. The new economic system has to find ways to guarantee an end to resource piracy, as practiced by the United States and any nation with a formidable military force.

The world’s energy resources must be available to all, according to actual needs for development, just as the earth’s other limited vital resources (food, water, medicine, etc.) must be made accessible to all. The needs of the human race must take precedence over the desires of the chief rodents leading the “rat race.”

To this end, all activist groups working to change the course of history must unite. We have a common purpose that has room for a diversity of opinions and directions. Preventing the one unprecedented calamity that would destroy everything we cherish the most is the most important thing any of us can do. The long history of American terrorism must be brought to an end.

It really is way past time for the counter-revolution to begin. The urgency of our predicament demands that we all get off our asses and down from our high horses and proceed to get it on, while we still can.