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Jim Stone

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I repeat again that I am not a fan of socialism. However, the key thing with any system is whether or not the people at the top are evil. In the case of Venezuela, they were not evil. Venezuelans enjoyed amazing freedom that Americans lost 50 years ago. Here is what freedom is:

Freedom is the ability to open a store or restaurant in your own home, or sell hamburgers off your grill in front of your house and never having to ask anyone to do it, you just do it. Freedom is: There is a traffic jam, but in the part of the road the traffic jam is blocking the shoulder is four lanes wide of perfectly smooth grass. You drive on that to get around the traffic jam and no one worries about a ticket. Seriously. Question: Why is it that in America when a truck flips over blocking all lanes does everyone just sit there when there is a perfectly driveable shoulder they could use to get around it? ANSWER: Americans are so controlled they can't see an obvious solution to the problem and then use it, and if they did use it they'd get busted and possibly even jailed.

In a free country, when you lose your job, (if you don't want to lose everything else) you think of anything you can do to make money. Sell candy bars or toys in the street. Start cooking on the corner selling BLT's. Go into parking lots offering to wash cars from a five gallon pail. ANYTHING. And if you did ANY of that crap in the U.S. you'd be busted so fast you would not see your first sale, because AMERICANS LOST IT ALL while the scamming MSM waved a flag, sang a song about freedom and told Americans how much better they have it than anyone else. That kind of income cannot be taxed, and DAMMIT, YOU WILL BE TAXED, PERIOD. Go to hell and die before you get away from a tax!


Immigrants have a distorted view of America

FACT: People do not want to come to America to compete with Americans. They want to come to America to TAKE from Americans via welfare while working for a corporation for 10 percent less than an American would ask, and on top of it get their free hand out at the expense of the American, who's job they took. And the police in ALL ZONES now have been instructed to not enforce laws with immigrants, but to enforce all of them with psychopathic vigor against white America. So the immigrants come and see this "great free country" when in fact, for the main street American, freedom is only a play word. If the immigrants had to deal with the police and state agencies the way Americans do, they would GTFO post haste, their countries are a lot better in that regard, Americans put up with crap no one from elsewhere would ever dream of putting up with. You mean I can't sell food from my kitchen, or potato chips on the corner, or trim trees or anything else without a permit? HA HA HA you're an idiot, America is a free country, and I can do that without a permit in my country, which is not free! YOU ARE LYING TO ME. YOU are sleeping in a ditch because you don't want to get yourself out of it, TRIM TREES FOR GOD'S SAKE, There's NO WAY you are not allowed to do that without a permit or license in America if I could do it without permission where I came from!

It is all a game of illusion, where Americans spew about freedom and then get behind the latest tyrant who wants to blow up a place that actually is free, all the while the Americans honestly believe they are doing good. America is so far away from true freedom now that even if the people do manage to shake off tyranny, they won't know how to find their way back to where they once were.

If Americans ever do shake off the tyranny that has now afflicted America at all levels, they will be able to:

Buy a lot for a reasonable price somewhere and PAY CASH. Then, on the first day, put up a tent and live in that, while they build a shack. Then they can move into the shack, and live in that while they buy materials and build a house to live in. BAM, 5 years later the house is all paid for with no debt and they have their house. The state never showed up and harassed them about their kids, the state never showed up and harassed them about their stove or anything else during the entire time, they just lived their lives HURTING NO ONE and GOT IT DONE.

That's the way it was in America in the good old days. No one had to stress out about anything financial, because the state left people the hell alone. All this stress people are under is directly caused by controls the state put in place which prevent people from living a free life. Freedom is not being able to go to Wal Mart when you want, freedom is being able to sell when needed, live as needed, and not have the state give you trouble. I can't go over all aspects of true freedom but can state that Americans have practically none. When Americans were free, they could build their GD houses out of dirt!!! Look up a sod house. You could have your house for FREE when there was freedom, with only the sweat of your brow, and no one would say anything. We are so far away from that kind of freedom now that it might as well be a different universe.