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Freedom: The Constant Infant

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Having taken a step back from this blog for a while and not really having the time to write anything anyway while I try to make as much money and secure enough provisions as I can before this whole thing blows sky-high, I can honestly say that I don't think people want freedom.

Freedom must be maintained, it must be protected and defended. It is an infant, a constant infant. Freedom never grows up and is able to fend for itself. It never moves out and walks its own path. Without active and violent defense, it is a meal for the circling wolves of government, of tyrants. That is a distinction without a difference as there is no government without tyranny.

I have been horrified over the past several years at how much freedom we willingly surrender. Now, we actually pay to have voice recognition recorders in our homes all for the convenience of sitting on our butts instead of getting up to dim the lights or turn on the oven. Yes, the big companies advertise these things as "smart speakers" but they are not speakers, they are listeners, monitors and if you put one of these things in your home and did not realize that they can and will listen, monitor and record your private (if there is such a thing today) conversations, God help you. If you did so knowing that you would be monitored and your conversations recorded for future reference, or subpoena, then your transition to a good comrade is complete.

The popularity of these monitors is disturbing. While there is the Third Amendment, it does not apply when we willingly bring these monitors into our homes and allow them to reside with us as much as soldier might. In fact, the whole spying apparatus of the United States, including the FBI and NSA monitoring our phones, our emails and texts are as much boarding soldiers or police within our homes as a physical presence. So, now the government has completed its total destruction of the Bill of Rights, something it has lusted after for a long time, almost since adoption. 

The Third Amendment was always sort of a hold out, the one thing that seemed outdated and irrelevant only a few short years ago. Technology has brought it back into question. What does constitute the boarding of soldiers (or police) within one's home? Is it the physical presence, or can it be when they can hear everything, see everything and know everything that is going on inside without actually having to be present? I would suggest that they are present if they can know all that occurs.

But, it doesn't really matter, so many other "rights" have been violated and relegated to the trash heap of history on the off chance that the police will intervene to save lives, as if that were their purpose in the beginning. They have always been there to protect the elites, so the government could impose any sanction it deemed necessary to its purposes of subjugation, but this has only lately become undeniable. For many decades the average working stiff could avoid any contact, any interference from the brutal overlords simply by making money, paying taxes and obeying the law. Not anymore.

There is a difference between a republic that seeks to maintain order and a Soviet-style police state that seeks to establish control and we have slipped from one to the other in the past two hundred years. There are all sorts of intellectual haggling that can go on as to when it started, probably with Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or Wilson, but somewhere along the line it happened and it is now in full swing with our own Stasi and our own Bolsheviks, our own deep-state coups and who knows for sure how far back that goes?

Personally, I have been waiting for the collapse since 2008, but somehow they keep propping up this corpse of a republic, slapping on some makeup and taping the eyelids open for longer than that. They parade it around like a martyred saint or something, but it is time for it to just die and be buried with what little dignity it has left.

Over the past several months I have been making personal contact with many of you out there, former readers of this blog and people active in their areas trying to make that personal connection to several other groups so that when the time comes there is a means to coalesce. It may never be necessary or even possible, but it is what I can do right now to preserve the memory of the Infant Freedom. Somewhere along the timeline we all become freedom fighters, or die and leave this communist system to indulge its own craving for blood. But, as long as I have family to protect and ideals to promote, I will always be out there somewhere, trying.