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Why June 5 Matters For Liberty

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Friday Morning:
Dear concerned citizen,



The next few days could prove to be among the most critical in Liberty Counsel's history.


By this coming Monday, June 5, my staff must file our Dismissal Motion calling for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit against both Liberty Counsel and me personally.  This is clearly an attack designed to weaken, discredit, and even destroy Liberty Counsel, while damaging ability to go to court and fight on behalf of people of faith who are coming under attack.


That's why my team is dedicating key legal resources to finalizing this document.  In fact, right now, I am personally overseeing the final stages of this important filing.


But this critical deadline comes at a time when our operating budget is already under an intense strain from a very full caseload that has our attorneys working literally from coast to coast.


Will you stand with me to "Save Liberty" as we meet this critical filing deadline and continue other vital efforts in defense of life, liberty, and family? Go here:




+ + This lawsuit is about bullying us into silence...


If we lose, the damage will be far-reaching.  The LGBTQ community wants to bully us into silence.  That's why they are going after Liberty Counsel and me personally.  They know that we are leading the fight to defend people of faith against the radical same-sex extremism that targets and punishes people of faith.  If they weaken us, then every Christian is more at risk to their bullying tactics.


Even if you have contributed recently, please prayerfully consider making another tax-deductible contribution as we approach this critical filing deadline.


And please know that I covet your prayers for our entire team.  We are taking great care in the filing of this Dismissal Motion, but ultimately our trust remains in the Lord to watch over our efforts.


Thank you for your partnership with us, and God bless you!


Mat Staver


P.S. Between now and Monday's filing deadline, my team is focusing our efforts on turning back the attack from the LGBTQ community and this specific Southern Poverty Law Center-backed lawsuit.  But our operating budget is already under intense strain from other critical cases and ministry priorities.  We urgently need your help right now!   Go here to make your gift today by check or credit card:





P.P.S. On occasion, friends who have been blessed by the Lord financially step forward and help with special donations.  If the Lord has blessed you in this way, I can't think of no better time to help Liberty Counsel.  If you want to support our "Save Liberty" campaign with a gift of $5,000 or more, please go here and my team will contact you soon.  If you prefer, you can always make your contribution by credit card or check here



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Note: Please do not reply directly to this email.  This address is not designed to receive your personal messages.  To contact Liberty Counsel with comments, questions or to change your status, see the link below.

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