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Interview with Koa Windsong

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Dec. 30, 2011

Koa Windsong was raised by his Native American Grandmother to the time he was twelve years old. She taught him that there was no seperation between the physical and the spiritual world. They played when they were doing laundry or weeding, so nothing was work. Koa then went to live with his father when she died when he was twelve. His father had no spiritual life, and was all about work which he hated, even though he was very wealthy. He was always going to the doctor, whereas Koa’s grandmother never got sick. These extremes showed the two realities of living close to the earth, as opposed to the complicated modern world.

Koa has never stepped into a bank or lived in a house since, and the last time he worked for anyone else was 40 years ago selling shoes when he was 19. He has raised three children, made musical instruments and art, and cultivated his extensive knowledge of bush tucker and survival for over 35 years by living in the bush.

In the last four years, Koa has been working with film makers, to spread the vital knowledge of bush foods and survival to a wider audience, and promoting the wisdom of walking in a spirit of love with mother earth and each other. At the moment he is spreading his vision of a pure earth, with pure water and pure food with an exciting new dance troupe.

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