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Homegrown Terrorism 11/19/2011 Homegrown Terrorism

J.B. Campbell

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Nov. 19, 2011

Is there a peaceful, non-violent solution to our government’s plans to seize total power over us?  The short answer is no.

The government’s goal of total dictatorship has been planned at least since the days of Ronald Reagan’s administration, when Big George Bush of the CIA was in charge.  Reagan was supposedly shot by the son of Bush’s good friend and business partner, Jack Hinckley, sixty-nine days into his presidency.  Reagan himself thought he was wounded in the limo when his bodyguard crushed him and broke his rib.  The wound appeared to have been made by a long, thin blade.  Reagan was never much of a factor after his near-death experience, which reportedly occurred on his way to address the Trilateral Commission.  David Rockefeller had forced Reagan to take Bush as his running mate during the convention.

Five years later, in 1986, I read a booklet by William Pabst, a Houston attorney, called “Concentration Camp Plans for US Citizens.”  He’d written it in 1979 and described the plan by FEMA to put dissenting Americans in camps.    The booklet was based on his lawsuit against Jerry Ford and other high-ranking people in the federal government for allowing or making this FEMA plan possible.  He named a dozen locations of the camps, most of them on military bases.  Pabst identified the US Army’s 300th MP POW Command in Inkster, Michigan as the suppliers of prison guards.

It seemed pretty wild but I decided to call FEMA headquarters in Washington, DC.  The FEMA security people on the phone asked me many questions, such as was I a reporter, was anything to be published, who was I exactly?  I said, no, I was just a curious civilian in California.  Eventually I was speaking to FEMA spokesman Russell Clanahan. I told him that I’d just read this booklet by Pabst and was it true that FEMA had detention camps or concentration camps as Pabst claimed in his federal lawsuit?  Clanahan said, no, FEMA had no such camps. 

“Well, what is Operation Garden Plot?”  Pabst had said that Garden Plot was the codename for the military takeover of the United States that set up the detention camp system.

“Garden Plot is an army operation,” said Clanahan quickly.

“Really?  Pabst says that it’s your operation.”

“No, it’s an army operation.  Call Captain Ross at the Pentagon and he will confirm that.”

“Captain Ross?  How do I call him?”

Clanahan gave me the number and I went through the same rigamarole getting to Ross.  Eventually he came on the line.  I said, “Captain Ross, I was just speaking to Russell Clanahan over at FEMA about Garden Plot and he said to speak to you about it.”

“Yeah?  Well, Garden Plot is a FEMA operation, not army.”

“Uh, huh.  That’s what I thought.”

“What else?”

“What about Operation Cable Splicer?”

“Wait one…”  He was gone for a minute and came back on.  “We have no comment on Cable Splicer.”

“I see.  Isn’t Cable Splicer the state version of Garden Plot?”

“I said, we have no comment on Cable Splicer.  Talk to Clanahan about Garden Plot.”

So I called Clanahan back.  “Campbell here again.  I just spoke to Ross and he says that Garden Plot is a FEMA operation.”

Clanahan chuckled.  “Do you know what FEMA is?”

“You manage emergencies.”

Clanahan said, “FEMA is the custodian of expired authorities.”

“I know what those words mean, but not the way you said them.”

“Well, during the Truman administration, there were many acts passed.  Acts such as the Defense Manpower Act, the Defense Manpower Resources Act [he named several other acts].  Since then, they have expired.”

“But you are the custodian of them now?”

“That’s right.”

“So, if they came back to life somehow, you would be very powerful.”

“Yes,” he agreed.

“What could bring them back to life?”

“A declaration of national emergency.”

The next year, 1987, Oliver North was testifying before the Iran-Contra Committee of the House and Senate.  I called Russell Clanahan again.  “This is Campbell in California – do you remember we talked last year?”

“No, I don’t.”

“I asked you about Garden Plot.”

“Oh, yes – I remember now.”

“Well, Oliver North is on the stand and the Miami Herald has a big story about Garden Plot.”

“I don’t handle these questions anymore.  I’ll have someone call you who does.”

The next day, a man named Bill McAda called and asked if I had a question. 

“Yes.  Did you and Oliver North plan to suspend the Bill of Rights, as the Miami Herald reports?”

“I was the one who dealt with the Miami Herald.”

“So it’s true?”

“I’m not saying that.  But I will say that Oliver North and his NSC people were here a lot between ’82 and ’84, yessir.”

“Okay.  That sounds like the same thing.”

“Now, as far as detention camps – we don’t have any detention camps.”

I hadn’t mentioned camps.  But Clanahan had obviously given him my dossier when he told him to call me back.

“Well,” he continued, “there’s the one in Wisconsin.  And the one in Kentucky.  And the one in Louisiana.  But they’re for the Cubans, you know, the Mariel Boat Lift people?  I mean, they’re crazy!  What are you gonna do?”

“I thought you didn’t have any camps.”

“Just the three.  But like I said, those Cubans are crazy.”

“Bill, I don’t care about the Cubans.  I’m concerned that you plan on putting people such as myself in there.”

“Aw, we wouldn’t do that.”

“Well, like I told Clanahan, I’ve got a list here of twelve camps for dissidents around the country, run by the 300th Military & Police POW Command out of Inkster, Michigan."

“What else can I do for you, sir?”

“I guess that’s it.”

“You have a good day.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Miami Herald story:

Guiffrida could not be reached for comment, but FEMA spokesman Bill McAda confirmed the relationship.

“Officials of FEMA met with Col. North during 1982 to 1984,” McAda said. “These meetings were appropriate to Col. North’s duties with the National Security Council and FEMA’s responsibilities in certain areas of national security.”

FEMA’s clash with Smith occurred over a secret contingency plan that called for suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the United States over to FEMA, appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and declaration of martial law during a national crisis.

The plan did not define national crisis, but it was understood to be nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition against a military invasion abroad.


The official said the contingency plan was written as part of an executive order or legislative package that Reagan would sign and hold within the NSC until a severe crisis arose.

The martial law portions of the plan were outlined in a June 30, 1982, memo by Guiffrida’s deputy for national preparedness programs, John Brinkerhoff. A copy of the memo was obtained by The Herald.

The scenario outlined in the Brinkerhoff memo resembled somewhat a paper Guiffrida had written in 1970 at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., in which he advocated martial law in case of a national uprising by black militants.

The paper also advocated the roundup and transfer to “assembly centers or relocation camps” of at least 21 million “American Negroes.”

When he saw the FEMA plans, Attorney General Smith became alarmed. He dispatched a letter to McFarlane Aug. 2, 1984 lodging his objections and urging a delay in signing the directive.

So that’s the background to where we are today.  There are many more detention camps now, ready for occupancy, re-education and torture.  This is, after all, what our soldier-boys and soldier-girls do to hundreds of thousands of innocent people all over the world.  Why not here?

Big George Bush of the CIA was the acting president after Reagan was nearly killed and the actual president in ’92 when the worst riots in US history broke out in Los Angeles.  The attorney appointed to represent Damian “Football” Williams, the one who brained Reginald Denny, told the local press that he was a CIA operative who helped coordinate the riot, that it was all a Bush/CIA operation to bring about martial law.  The attorney was arrested and not heard from again.

On January 17th, 1994, I was sitting in the ruins of my house in Sherman Oaks following the Northridge earthquake.  The windows were all gone, walls shattered, the upstairs floor had dropped a foot and a half, the gas and power were not working but the telephone rang.  Gunther Russbacher and his wife Rayelan were calling from Jefferson City, Missouri.  He’d just been released from prison, having been put there by Big George Bush who feared Russbacher would talk about having flown him to Paris in October, 1980 to meet with the Iranians.  He’d gone to prison as a navy captain and was now a two-star admiral, he told me.  He’d been feeding me information for a couple of years, which I’d repeated in my column in the National Educator paper.

Russbacher said, “You know that was two nukes that caused the earthquake.”  When I said, What?, he said, “Well, did you ever hear of the ground rising and falling twelve feet in an earthquake?”  I asked him who did this and he answered, “FEMA.  It was an experiment.  They want to declare martial law.  They’ve got nukes on all the faults.  No one south of the Columbia River is safe.”  I investigated this wild claim and was surprised to hear Cal Tech’s chief seismologist, Susan Hough, state that they detected two distinct pulses of energy just before the two massive quakes that morning.

Today we are dealing with DHS rather than FEMA because Homeland Security has a more oppressive, Soviet sound to its name, especially after the Katrina fiasco that made FEMA a national disgrace.

The Wall Street protesters around the country have hit a brick wall now that all the mayors have agreed to play bean-ball with them.  They’re wasting their time, in my opinion, confronting cops.  Sixties-style mass-protesting worked in the ‘60s but that was almost fifty years ago.  I support what they’re doing because at least they’re doing something and it may lead to revolution.  They are not required to be cannon-fodder and allow themselves to be hit with sticks and rubber bullets or blinded painfully with pepper-spray.  This is the Ghandi method and always results in innocent people getting killed or seriously wounded.   Ghandi got a lot of people killed with his non-violence.

We’re Americans.  We don’t do non-violence.  Any son of a bitch who uses violence on us when we’re peacefully demonstrating needs to be killed.  That goes for cops, who, believe me, are nothing special.  Now I don’t want to kill any cops per se but I do intend to kill any son of a bitch who plans to use violence against me or against family and friends, and today cops and feds are at the top of the list of perpetrators. 

Back in ’07, the disgraced Jewess and Israeli secret agent in Congress, Jane Harman, introduced the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, no doubt written by the Anti-Defamation League.   It was passed by the House by 405 to 6.  Now, five years later, the US Senate is probably going to pass it as well, followed by Obama’s signature.  The new law could result in hundreds of thousands of Americans being arrested and disappeared into FEMA camps for things they’ve said or written.

Just about everyone writing on this subject says nothing about resisting this program with deadly force.  The writers are all quite aware of what our rulers intend to do to us but no one has a plan to stop them and to punish them for treason.  Again, anyone who would be part of this FEMA/Homeland Security program to arrest dissidents is a traitor who must be shot on sight.  There is no other way to deal with such treachery.  We can’t arrest the thugs and turn them over to “law enforcement” for prosecution.  “Law enforcement” is the threat, not the solution.  Anyone who would enforce the coming laws will be by definition a terrorist.

This is one big personal problem.  The reader is the one who will have to deal with the roadblock, the forced search of his or her vehicle or home.  The purpose of this website is to strengthen the resolve of the reader to defend himself or herself and family and friends.  The problem is not going to go away or get better.  It’s going to get worse until you personally say, Okay, that’s it. 

America has one vestigial advantage over other countries.  We actually have a Bill of Rights and a Declaration of Independence that encourage resistance to all tyrants, whether they are in the White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court or standing at a roadblock on I-40 or at the entrance to the grocery store.  And, like everyone else, we have the natural right to self-defense.  Unlike most places, we have the guns we need to back it up. 

Speaking as the founder of the modern militia movement, I am not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment due to the deceptive wording of its front half.  But I can’t deny that the back half resulted in the general possession of millions of firearms.  It is my mission now, as it was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, to encourage the use of all those firearms against the tyrants who intend to capture and kill us.  Now, David Rockefeller, who I attempted to kill back in 1980, won’t be capturing or killing anyone.  His think-tanks and foundations have arranged for police and secret police to do that.  Abe Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League won’t be capturing or killing anyone.  Morris Dees and his Jews, ditto.  They have trained cops and feds to hate and fear us so that they are quite prepared to capture and kill us for them.

And that’s really too bad.  Because there just aren’t enough cops and feds to pull this off.  I would recommend that the policy-makers in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center (now incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security) be seized and executed publicly with the passage of the “Homegrown Terrorism” law.  This is the only way to defend ourselves from the unelected tyrants who plan to wipe us out after we are arrested.

If you’re reading this, you can figure you’re on the “Homegrown Terrorist” list.  If you’re not, you should be.  “Homegrown Terrorist” means freedom fighter.  

Cops reading this:  Figure out how you’re going to help us or get into a different line of work.  There’s just too many of us for you to arrest and kill.  We’re too well-armed.  Do you really want to be driving around in a cop car when the lights go out?

Feds reading this:  Early retirement is your only option.  Don’t get involved with us.  Once people start disappearing, so will you.  This is still America, traditionally the most violent place on earth.

Do these fools know that Pennsylvania alone has one million three hundred thousand licensed deer hunters?  Believe me, these guys know how to get close and they know how to shoot.  Not to mention the guys who don't bother to get tags, or don't hunt but would dearly love to turn out the lights of a real terrorist, the kind who gets paid to kill people.