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Passers-by step over DEAD homeless man in New York after he froze to death on steps of record store

Hannah Parry For Mailonline

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Feb. 4, 2015

  • The body was found at the entrance to Westsider Records on Upper West Side
  • Witnesses said people just walked around him until they realized he was dead
  • An autopsy will confirm cause of death but icy temperatures 'could to blame'
  • The Department of Homeless Services confirmed it is looking into the death

A homeless man was found dead on the steps of a New York record store after people stepping over him realized he wasn't moving, witnesses have claimed.

Police were called to the entrance of Westsider Records on the Upper West Side where the body of a Hispanic man was found lying face down yesterday morning.

Shocked witnesses claim they saw people walking around the man as he lay dead on the steps of the record store- next door to a funeral home.

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