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fEB. 5, 2015

With all evil plots the "elite" bring against us, they give a warning with either an obscure article on page 23 of a small local paper, predictive programming, or other venue. When they do this, they consider a lack of reaction from the public as consent to what they plan to do even if virtually none of the public ever gets a chance to see it.


On that note:

Farganne posted the following to the forum:


I do not consent


Since it widely observed that "they" are under some sort of universal requirement to notify their victims and at least construe non-response as "consent", I figured it would be wise to draw up a list of things I explicity do not consent to, and then to post it publicly.


It could become a catch-all letter of non-consent that anyone in the world could post in their name.


To those (& IT) whom the following concerns:


I do not consent to any obligation, implicit or otherwise, to address you in your legal language; for that language was designed to justify subterfuge and deceit. Being in favor of transparency, I shall address you in the natural tongue I grew up speaking. I shall say what I mean and mean what I say.


I do not consent to adhere to any legal conventions or forms purporting to dictate how this letter is to be formatted - no outline format, no numbering system, no organizational principle.


Although there is much to which I do not consent - now or in the indefinite future - before getting to any of that, I must first declare everything to which I never consented.


I never consented to be registered as the physical property of any so-called royal (king, queen, etc.). My parents took that action in the form of getting my birth certificate. They themselves were ignorant of what the certificate really represented, because they were never given notice of it, and likewise with their parents before them, back into posterity. In order to consent to something, we must be served notice. If not, you have broken regulations. Neither I nor my parents gave consent to have me registered as anyone's property but their own. Therefore, on this one point, birth certificate registry, you have broken regulations billions and billions of times.


I never consented to have my sovereign physical self legally abducted and coerced into being identified with a straw man corporation whose name goes by my first name, my middle name(s), and my surname in all capital letters. Nor did my parents consent to this.


I never consented to be regarded as collateral on the usurious, hence mathematically unrepayable, debt that is the modern money supply. Ditto my mom and dad. I never consented to allow my consciousness to be manipulated via subliminal techniques, as was done to me countless times throughout my childhood by way of the various entertainment (one could also say "entrainment") media - on each and every occasion without my informed consent.


I never consented to have my water poisoned with fluoride.


I never consented to have chemical, biological, or other agents tested on me from any vector.


I never consented to have fraudulent history presented to my young mind as enshrined truth.


I never consented to be systematically inculcated with a severely stunted, extremely distorted view of our world.


I never consented to any single one of the tens of millions of legal codes scaffolding up your artificial control grid in direct contravention of the One True Law.


Now, I still do not consent to any of the above.


I do not consent to global governance, along with all that phrase entails, as laid out in Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius. To be perfectly clear, I consent to none of it!


I do not consent to unelected committees drafting codes that affect my ability to live and thrive.


I do not consent to be killed in the name, or for the sake, of any environmental campaign.


I do not consent to be deliberately poisoned, or otherwise harmed, in the course of your deployment of any "black op".


I do not consent to have my speech censored by "hate laws".


I do not consent to have my natural connection with the land severed by unnatural and artificial codes which enforce such monstrous policies as imprisoning people who collect rainwater.


I do not consent to being subjected to psychotronic (EMF, "technetronic mind control") harassment and/or torture.


I do not consent to the heavy metal particulates being dispersed throughout my sky.


I do not consent to having to guess which foods in the marketplace are genetically modified.