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f all of this in terms of their ‘dialectic’, with a ‘force’ ‘counter-force’ always in play, and some ‘resolution’ being the predetermined outcome, which is nothing more than setting oppositional forces into motion which will almost assuredly result in [‘settlement’] by the real objective/real agenda.  Because the ‘opposition’ play masks and diverts, we don’t see ‘it’ coming until it is too late and already upon us.

And, Mr. Story is calling Alex Jones a ‘regulator’ between the dark world and the real world?  Cut me a break!!   Another one of his statutorily defined metaphoric word art forms, which, of course, does not apply to him.

If ‘consolidation’ and transfer of assets is a major element of the rolling agenda, and one of the major assets is the United States corporation, and the People of the united States of America, who have been enfranchised, and now attach to the UST/US by contract/agreement, what better way to acquire control of the entire ‘apparat’ anew, or again, if not by ‘commercial lien’?    The United States has been called and deemed to be the “Crown Jewel” in the Crown of the Crown(s), ie. the Crown Templar, and the British Crown.  Someone aught to write a book on “The Two Crowns”, subtitled “The Tale of Three Cities”. 

The significance of the commercial process cannot be overlooked or misunderstood  in both the historical and current context.    The lien process is a banker’s way of taking control of property, rights, and interests.  They first create an obligation, then the conditions which bear on ‘ability to pay’ or not, then demonstrate a willingness to ‘novate’ or renegotiate repayment by tighter terms and conditions always more favorable to the bank.  In cases of fault or default, ‘risk’ is always offset by ‘security’ or collateral, which can be foreclosed without protest in the case of eventual ‘final default’.  This has happened here as a nation of people, who have been induced to ‘volunteer’ themselves into the DoC/US, without the slightest understanding of the material facts and issues of fact pertaining to their actions.

The US corp is assumed to be basically ‘foreign’ owned, but not by the American People/uSA.  It was created as a new ‘sovereign’ ‘nation’, unto itself, ie. DoC, to operate for the exclusive benefit of those who already had secured transactions in effect with the “USA”/US, even at the time of the Confederation.  Now that  global-wide ‘refinancing’  and debt resolution by various means is upon us, it remains to be clearly seen and understood exactly why all of the apparent back pressure from the DVD fascists, while there are other fascists in the shadow who are not being talked about in any of our reports, and which we must assume are ‘in league’ due to too many known historical ties and relations, including all of the ‘knights’ of the Order.

Failure to perform, even if liquid assets are available in UST to satisfy China et al., is cause for asserting and obtaining ‘right of claim’, which is expressed by ‘judicial authority’ of ‘competent court’ [ie. ICJ/WC] in the form of Writ of Execution.   In simple matters where ‘security agreement’ is already in place and there is a final default, all that need be done by the secured creditor is to go into court and obtain the Writ of Execution, and the creditor can then seize assets for whatever purpose.  A foreclosure allows the creditor the choice to retain the newly seized property in consideration and satisfaction, in part or in whole, of its stated secured lien value.  Lien value would not be expressed only in terms of principal and accrued interest, but would also include fees, ancillary costs, penalties, etc. associated with and attached, in some ‘verified’ form, to the petition for the Writ.

If ‘those’ behind “China”  and Wu, having obtained a ‘Writ’ with extraordinary authority to issue a final ultimatum and ‘drop dead date’ by which to perform, alleged by Story to be today/tonight, non-performance would essentially give the Chinese unrefutable and non-contestable ‘right’ to ‘collect’ on its due obligations by whatever means it deems necessary or expedient within International Law of Nations, which is private admiralty contract commercial law between and amongst ‘sovereigns’.  The back pressure ‘counter force’ to the Settlements appearing to be and actually being obstructed or delayed has resulted in what may be the ‘resolution’ force coming to bear in the dialectic.  There is a force at work to move the Settlements to completion.  There is another force at work to obstruct, delay, or apparently steal Settlement funds, even though it is beyond me why ‘they’ would presume to be able to steal anything given the security tracking ‘they’ know to be in operation at all times.  Hence, every move to ‘steal’ is likely already presumed to be ‘found out’ or ‘blocked’, and the intended result is that it raises another ‘cause’ by apparent ‘theft’ transaction or unauthorized or authorized transactions, which when blocked, result in the funds being returned, put right back into some disposition, which has allowed the same people to repeat the same exercise all over again.  How many times?  Every time this happens, and all the time aggregated, bring us to NOW TIME. 

Cause for China- Wu to proceed with extreme prejudice is upon the U.S. corporate government, which is riding on the backs of the American People by commercial lien attachment and ‘pledge’ via the franchise ‘trust’ artifice and scheme.  All of this was known to be ‘inevitable’ in 1913/1933 when the ‘scheme’ was implemented.  Lien and ‘seizure’ of commercial banks is one thing, and it remains to be seen exactly what teeth the China Wu ‘Writ’ provides for.  If the Bushes et al, are all J Order ‘Bonesmen’, Knights of Malta, Masons, Templars, Bath Knights, etc., and the “Jewish” Masons are in the same game and predominate the Illuminati Khazar bankers and the Vatican, and the Monarch(s) are all in this as the same, then why would we believe that Bush-Cheney and an obviously ‘reprobate’ U.S. corporate government operating for the benefit of those who own/control it, and further operating by contract with the military-intelligence-industrial-political complex, is doing anything other than what those forces need and expect them to do……create a ‘situation’, which requires expedient resolution by whatever means ‘necessary’??

If Story is to be believed, China-Wu seems to be holding trump cards, but only if one also buys the Storyline that China-Wu wants to get paid on their due Settlement, which is likely true, but may not be all of the truth.   Why not get ‘paid’ and seize control of assets of a ‘sovereign’ nation, a corporation, which via its Treasury, is entitled to operate amongst other nations commercially, politically, diplomatically, etc., but you, as lien holder call the shots.  That is all that has been going on since Lincoln in the uSA, as foreign principals were responsible for the creation of the de facto ‘government’, DoC, reformation of the uSA to the US, creation of the IRS and FRB in 1913, creation of all amendments to the original Constitution by creation of the Congressional Constitution of 1871/78, with erroneous passing of 14th Amendment by Lieber Code [occupational] Congress in 1868.  Nothing since Lincoln is remotely ‘constitutinoal’.  China-Wu are not the only players wanting real meat on their table, and it makes perfect sense that the owners of the FRB would want their trillions as well, even if most of their accrued ‘debt’ and ‘right of lien’ was by progressive frauds.   Is this a stew with too many cooks?  Is this a contest between vultures on the carcass of prey that has been both ‘target’ and ‘tool’ for so many years?

If China-Wu drop their iron hammer, and seize more than that which is/are already seized, the U.S. may come under international martial law, even though Patrick says it is virtually spiritually impossible, because the US/USA has a divine purpose.  Yes, our Constitution says a great many altruistic things in our Bill of Rights, but we do not enjoy the protections of those Rights under the current m.o. of the commercial corporate de facto Enterprise aka Anglo-American and Anglo-Israeli, ie. Anglo-Zionist J Order construct.   Our construct is the very thing that these Bablylonian-Nephilim descended hybrids have been warring against all along.  It is not in ‘China’ interest to see NESARA announced, unless that is the only way that we People as ‘recipients’ of settlement funds can take economic receipt and perhaps jump start a new monetary regime, which will quite likely be lien’d by China, given that we People are still affixed to/on the commercial bankruptcy and monetary registry of the UST as the commercial STRAWMAN FRANCHISE ESTATE TRUST VESSEL.

The People must come out from under the yoke of the FRANCHISE ESTATE, which is wholly owned and controlled by the de facto corporation and the System of inter-locking transnational quasi-governmental ‘sovereigns’ which comprise the U.N., IMF, INTERPOL, etc.  If China liens the UST and seizes it anytime soon, they will have to take control of the ‘apparat’ of government as well, and that means only one thing to me.  International control by and for the new owner/holder in due course of a majority interest in the corporate ‘shares’ of the United States/USA by possession of documentary rights of title and interest.  This may be the ‘end game’ all along, and the boys from Brazil are the means by which the counter force was created in order to create the ultimate ‘crisis’ and seizure or ‘takeover’ by the Zionist Khazar fascists, who created Marxism and Leninism and Hitler, etc. etc. in the first place.  The seizure of the UST and major money center banks, would also give the lien holder rights on anything coming into those banks or the UST in the event of ‘funding’, whereby the recipient Accounts would have to be deemed ‘within’ the construct of that which has already been seized or lien’d.  Lien rights are what determine everything, and if the US and the USA are already lien’d at any prior or near future time, those liens will have to be satisfied before any ‘release’ will be granted.  In our case, even if we could ‘buy our way out’ of this mess, those who have control of commercial rights will not want us to ‘pay off’.  That is why the FRBS was set up to operate in perpetual debt, and under thrust of the 14th Amendment, the ‘public debt’ could never be protested.

We may be facing the ultimate dialectical ‘resolution’ to the ‘settelements’, which very easily could have been the intended consequence and result of all the time-value delays created by the counter force of the DVD type fascists.  Seizure by strict foreclosure on security agreements already in place and implemented under WC Writ of Execution……..sounds like a ‘perfect storm’ to me.  “They’ could foreclose the U.S.T., seize and take control of the monetary system, including our ‘due’ receivables, convert funds that are imported by ‘activation’ going through some new or existing ‘central clearing’ facility, or Debt Facility, and then re-issue fiat or some inferior form of ‘lawful currency’ as ‘street money’…….  I hope I’m just blowing in the wind, but I can see how they could do this, and we would not be any the wiser unless our White Knights kick some ass and make disclosures as they see it coming into focus.  Once the button is pushed and a ‘waterfall cascade’ runs the circuits, whatever is in effect at the time of the cascade is what will be ‘the fact’ of the ‘law’ of the ‘transaction’.