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Au. 4, 2015

That’s one example. Everyone but Verizon is down. Major networks are failing over to backups. Some major cyber attack is happening right now.

This is affecting land based networks too. Anyone know what’s going on…?

T mobile is screwed

All cell phone carriers seem to be down in the same area. It’s either a tower or series of towers down, a hack attack or Government using kill switch maybe due to the Shootings today.




US Cellular

Sprint is down now too

connection is intermittent

Confirmed AT&T having major outage on land based networks as well. Having issues at multiple companies.

Wireless phone service down for all carriers across swaths of Southeast

No word on when issue will be resolved

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile users across the country, but especially in the Southeast reported outages Tuesday afternoon, with reports coming in from California, the midwest U.S. and the Chattanooga region.

Though some users reported that their phones displayed several bars of signal strength, they were still unable to complete calls or use mobile data.

AT&T’s outages appeared to be concentrated in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Georgia, with other scattered outages appearing from coast to coast, with T-Mobile users losing service in Huntsville, Alabama, and Louisville, Kentucky.

MORE, with pic of areas effected.