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Carriers Admit to Installing Hidden Spying Apparatus - government prepares liability shield for such illegal wiretapping

Jack Bauer

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Dec. 7, 2011

[Don't forget they can and do record your location in realtime with GPS,  and they can record the audio, right?]
On Friday, Rep. Ed Markey joined Sen. Al Franken in demanding answers from Carrier IQ, the company that has worked with mobile carriers to install a hidden application that has the ability to secretly track nearly everything users do — including the keys they press, the numbers they dial and the websites they visit — on more than 140 million cellphones. Researcher Trevor Eckhart uncovered the secret app.
AT&T and Sprint have admitted to installing Carrier IQ’s software on their phones.
“The software receives a huge amount of information from the operating system,” Lenhart said. “But just because it receives it doesn’t mean that it’s being used to gather intelligence about the user or passed along to the carrier.” In other words, Carrier IQ has the ability to track nearly everything you’re doing, but it doesn’t necessarily do anything with all that info. Why should we trust this company to do the right thing?
the software violates laws against wiretapping - so what, a new law nullifies that...for your "safety"
FEDERAL PREEMPTION.—This section supersedes any statute of a State or political subdivision of a State that restricts or otherwise expressly regulates an activity authorized under subsection (b).
The US House Intelligence Committee just drafted a bill (bipartisan! With strong telecomm industry support!) exempting corporations from liability for sharing user data with the government. So next time your ISP or Google rolls over and opens your email to illegal inspection by Homeland Security, you can’t sue them for breach of confidence.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is concerned that the vague wording of the text could allow the government to secretly spread spyware.

House Committee Rushing to Approve Dangerous "Information Sharing" Bill

The bill would allow a broad swath of ISPs and other private entities to "use cybersecurity systems" to collect and share masses of user data with the government, other businesses, or "any other entity" so long as it’s for a vaguely-defined "cybersecurity purpose." It would trump existing privacy statutes that strictly limit the interception and disclosure of your private communications data, as well as any other state or federal law that might get in the way.  Indeed, the language may be broad enough to bless the covert use of spyware if done in "good faith" for a "cybersecurity purpose."
Worse yet, the bill doesn’t limit what the federal government can do with the data or private communications that ISPs and others hand over, except to say that it can’t be used for "regulatory" purposes—apparently it can be used for law enforcement and intelligence targeting purposes.
 the only oversight for sharing with the federal government, ironically, would be through the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board—which hasn’t existed since January 2008
Government claims about the real motivation behind some “extraordinary” grant of power “for the duration” are as worthless as used toilet paper. The people running the government, pure and simple, are liars who’ll say anything to get power, and then do whatever they want with that power.
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty!
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