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This Is OUR POWER: Apple Data Shows Enslavement Ending Whether Government Wants It To Or Not

Mac Slavo

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May 4th, 2020

This is perhaps the best piece of news we’ve gotten over the past week.  Apple data is showing that people are ending the lockdowns themselves by living freely in defiance of the state and whether the ruling class and police state likes it or not.

Obviously, we’ve seen that protests (begging those who enslaved you to free you) don’t convince the corrupt power-hungry criminals that think they own us to give us back our freedom, which is our birthright.  They don’t care what we want as long as we obey and enslave ourselves and keep allowing them to steal from us.  But people are finally figuring out that they have the power to end this tyranny and they can do it now by disobeying and refusing to be put in chains.

In a recent Forbes article, Apple has released data that shows people have made up their minds and are refusing to comply with orders any longer. Just this will show that people have always had this power, they just didn’t know it.  Goodbye tyranny, hello freedom.

Apple’s Mobility Trends report shows that traffic in the US and other countries like Germany has pretty much doubled in the past three weeks. It had been down up to 72%. And location data provider Foursquare says that gas and fast food visits are back to pre-COVID-19 levels in the American Midwest.

“Gas station traffic has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels in the Midwest, and in rural areas throughout the country,” Foursquare said yesterday in a blog post. “Foot traffic to quick service restaurants (QSRs) has risen over the past several weeks.”

Whether governments, medical professionals, and scientists want it to or not, people seem tired of the shutdown and eager to get back to some semblance of normal life.Forbes

People are tired of being slaves.  They are tired of following the commands of others and enriching the ruling class while they are forced to starve. People are finally realizing they have had the right to be free their whole lives. The Forbes article is still a mainstream media propaganda piece that is attempting to scare the public by claiming the government still has the right to rule over us, and institute policies like mandatory face masks, so make sure you can recognize the fear written into it.

People didn’t lose their jobs or their freedom because of a virus.  They lost their jobs and their freedom because they followed the orders of others.

30 Million Jobs Lost Due To Fear, Panic, & Government Tyranny

Humans around the world are realizing right now that the elitists have used fear to keep us in a constant state of compliance and slavery and the public is becoming aware of it.  The last form of slavery will come to an end, whether the rulers/masters like it or not because people are becoming more aware of what’s been done to them.

Next, will be a revolt against being forced to have your hard-earned money stolen by those who tried to enslave the planet.  People are already saying they will refuse to pay the ruling class to enslave them and others any longer and that’s going to go a long way in removing these criminals’ illusion of power.

And that’s all it’s ever been. One gigantic illusion perpetrated by the propaganda in the mainstream media.  We should have never complied with this, or any of the previous tyranny, to begin with, and hopefully, this has opened the eyes of the public to the disaster they allowed.

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People