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Mueller coverage: The 'worst journalistic debacle' of all

“Worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime” (Fox News correspondent Brit Hume); “The New York Times and Washington Post are effectively finished as credible purveyors of fair and balanced news” (Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan); “Collusion by the news media, not Donald Trump” (USA Today columnist Glenn Reynolds); “The American media destroyed themselves over the Mueller investigation” (PJ Media founder Roger L. Simon); “It’s not Trump that Putin snagged, it’s the media, a bunch of useful idiots” (Fox News host Greg Gutfeld).

The Big Three broadcasters — ABC, CBS and NBC — provided an astonishing amount of coverage on Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump.

A study released Monday found that the three networks produced more than 38 hours of Russia “collusion” coverage — and 92 percent of it was negative in tone and content.

Joe diGenova: RussiaGate was a hoax perpetrated against the American people



The Russia hoax was concocted by Hillary Clinton’s press shop during the presidential election campaign. It was selected as the best explanation for her unexpected loss, elevated into an investigation by career bureaucrats who did not want to work under Donald Trump, and then spun into a special counsel investigation through pressure from the media and career Justice Department lawyers on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


The Mueller investigation is over, and it conclusively determined there never was any collusion or obstruction of justice, leading us to wonder why and how this investigation ever got started in the first place. This was an outrage perpetrated against all of the American people.

Trump supporters take aim at 'liberal media' following 22 months of collusion claims and unfounded indictments after Mueller report clears the president of Russian collusion

First Son Donald Trump Jr called out CNN, MSNBC and Buzfeed before saying: 'Sadly, instead of apologizing for needlessly destabilizing the country in a transparent attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election, it’s clear that the Collusion Truthers in the media and the Democrat Party are only going to double down on their sick and twisted conspiracy theories moving forward.'

CNN had already been forced to edit a story published in December 2017 that claimed Donald Trump Jr had been informed of a Wikileaks dump of damning emails 10 days before they appeared online.

That was completely false, and the email that CNN pointed to as proof of the cover-up actually showed the exact opposite.

Don Jr had learned about the emails the day after they went online, forcing CNN to edit its copy while still going with the headline: 'Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents.' 

Never Forget: The Obama Government Created the Russia Hoax



The American government pushed the hoax. The Justice Department — including the FBI and the intelligence community people of Barack Obama — pushed the hoax.



They manufactured a totally untrue set of lies that were then pushed by the media. This was and remains a silent coup. It is ongoing. Hollywood’s got nothing to do with it. They’re just a bunch of echo-chamber people. This came from the highest levels the American government — and it’s ongoing. It’s not anywhere near finished yet.

Mueller report paves the way for press criticism



Rolling Stone writer and author Matt Taibbi published a widely shared excerpt from his new book over the weekend, in which he pilloried the press for paying too much attention to the Mueller probe and Russiagate. Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald used Taibbi’s excerpt to gloat. “Anyway, if you’re an MSNBC viewer—or reader of liberal sites on the internet—you were fed a steady stream of conspiratorial bullshit that completely warped your view of the world, all while they purposely excluded anyone who questioned their fraud & profited off your fears,” he tweeted.

Levin Scorches Dems Over Mueller Report: 'This Country Doesn't Belong' to Schiff or Obama

"You have collusion -- between the Democratic Party, the media, and the Obama administration," Levin said, noting that Obama and Hillary Clinton have been "silent" since Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller's conclusions.


"The Democratic Party is not a pro-America party. They act like a third-world party because they want to destroy this presidency."

Levin said "it is time to focus on the Democrats in the House. It is time to focus on the media, the Hillary campaign, the DNC, Barack Obama -- This was Barack Obama’s government that did all this when the Russians were interfering in our election."

"They put spies in [Trump's] campaign, they abused the FISA court system. This country doesn't belong to Adam Schiff, and [Jerrold] Nadler and Pelosi."