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Kelly Walsh

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Tucker Carlson became one of the most popular hosts on Fox News because he tells the truths the liberal elites don’t want you to know.

Because of Carlson’s commitment to exposing the lies they present as facts, Democrats and media outlets like CNN want him silenced.

And now Carlson said the one thing that could get him thrown off the air for good.

The big lie Carlson constantly exposes is the idea that mass immigration and open borders supposedly benefits Americans.

Carlson correctly points out that the only people who benefit from illegal immigration are cosmopolitan elites and other members of the ruling class who are shielded from the economic impacts of mass migration.

Their children don’t have to compete for jobs where wages are driven down because employers import cheap foreign labor to compete with American workers.

In fact, they benefit from lower cost services that only the elite can afford.

That’s one reason why Democrats and other elites – including many establishment Republicans – oppose Donald Trump’s border wall.

Nancy Pelosi blasted the wall as “racist” and “immoral.”

But Carlson pointed out that Democrats didn’t always believe walls were immoral.

In fact, they voted for legislation that shipped taxpayer money to foreign countries so they could build their own border walls.

“Well that couldn’t be clearer. But wait. There’s a caveat. There always is. Some walls aren’t evil at all. Some are necessary and good. So for those of you keeping track of the theology at home, we offer you now a brief tour of walls the Democratic Party has deemed perfectly moral,” Carlson explained.

“We begin with border barriers in Tunisia and Jordan. Democrats voted to pay for those walls, so obviously they’re okay. Israel has walls too.” 

Of course, no discussion about liberal hypocrisy and border walls is complete without bringing up the fact that elected Democrats and their wealthy donors live in gated communities or use walls to protect themselves at public events.

“Here in the U.S., it turns out we have plenty of moral walls too. Just this Sunday, Kamala Harris announced her campaign for president. For security, huge swaths of the streets of Oakland, California, were blocked—walled off, you might say. With her own security at stake, Senator Harris had no problem with this. They were moral walls. And there are many more moral walls. Benny Johnson of the The Daily Caller has set out across America to find more of them. And as you might have guessed, a huge number of the most moral walls we have protect the homes of Democratic donors,” Carlson concluded.

Carlson’s ability to savage the left on the issue of immigration provoked left-wing pressure groups to target his advertisers to try and force Fox to throw him off the air.

In the wake of a targeted harassment campaign against companies that buy commercial time on his Fox News show, thirteen sponsors have already dropped him.

And after this latest monologue, left-wing activists are sure to increase their pressure on Carlson’s remaining sponsors.