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Feminist attorney in cahoots with Trump-bashing media

Steve Jordahl

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Liberal bias in the media is nothing new. But a recent article at demonstrates it's often not big statements of conservative slander, but small, almost subliminal slights that add up over time.

The headline reads "President Trump Subpoenaed over Sexual Misconduct Allegations." The article goes on to say that Gloria Allred – the famed feminist attorney who has a reputation for representing women claiming to be abused by powerful men – is seeking "all documents" concerning "any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately."

So where's the bias? First of all, the headline. The president wasn't subpoenaed – his campaign was. But the headline makes it sound like the president is about to be dragged into court. In fact, it's a routine request for documents in a case that's already a year old.

Attorney Matt Barber says NBC is willingly playing into Allred's publicity campaign.

Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)"This is, I believe, more of a publicity stunt abusing the legal system in order to try to publicly taint confidence and trust in this sitting president," he tells OneNewsNow. "Gloria Allred is a known legal carnival barker."

The lawsuit, says Barber, is an old trick. "We see politically motivated lawsuits filed against politicians on a regular basis – and often times these lawsuits are intended to gum up the works, to discredit a president ... to hurt the public confidence in the president."

He says a good news outlet would have at least noted that somewhere in the story. NBC didn't. Dan Gainor with Media Research Center says the network is notoriously anti-Trump.


"They didn't investigate Obama, so it's not like, Oh well, Trump's president now. That's why we want to investigate him. No – they only want to investigate people on the right," he argues.

After suggesting how many women allege they were assaulted, quoting Trump's denial, then giving Allred the final word, the article ends with this sentence: "Trump, meanwhile, was golfing Sunday with Senator Rand Paul."

NBC pulled that closing statement after the story had been posted for a while.