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Breaking: CNN Finally Tells Truth, Gives President Trump Huge Compliment

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1 0-3-17

After he gave his speech, CNN finally supported Trump. Yes, they supported Trump. It’s amazing that the fake news organization approved of something that President Trump said. This network has been bleeding viewers and they are finally seeing the error of their ways.

John King, the network’s chief national correspondent, joined “CNN Newsroom” hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow for the initial roundup following the speech.

Look, pitch-perfect from the president right there,” King said of Trump’s remarks.

King then claimed that there would be many who would not appreciate the president’s comments or “won’t find truthfulness or credibility in something their president just said.” He continued by saying that he hoped those people would “take a breath” and let the president’s words resonate, as they were largely a call for unity.

King did add that Trump is dealing with a lot of tragedies and uprising at the same time. He’s dealing with far more than Obama dealt with in his first year. King said “ “whatever your politics are there isn’t anything you can take issue with what we just heard from the president of the United States right there.”

Before handing the segment back to the “CNN Newsroom” hosts he doubled down on his previous comment, calling the speech “pitch-perfect” again.

Watch John King’s response to Trump’s speech below, via CNN.

This is revolutionary. This isn’t something you would expect from CNN. He could give them billions and dedicate his life to the fake news organization and they would still treat him horribly.

What do you think of them finally being respectful and positive towards Trump?