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CNN Backpedals Once Comey Destroys Their Fake News Narrative

Remington Strelivo

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CNN was eagerly awaiting the testimony of FBI Director James Comey to Congress—and they even put up an on-screen countdown clock, to count the seconds!

However, when it became clear that Comey’s testimony wouldn’t damage Trump—and would, in fact, prove that Trump was correct in most of his assertions about the Russia scandal and Comey’s firing—CNN quietly removed the countdown.

Conservatives on social media noticed immediately. An unofficial twitter handle for the Tennessee Republican Party was the first to break the story—and included a picture of the suddenly-disappeared countdown clock from CNN.

“Notice how CNN immediately removed countdown clock after they realized Comey’s testimony helps Trump,” they wrote.

Interestingly, just as CNN removed their timer, conservative-leaning Fox News put up a timer of their own. It looks like even the media has figured out that Comey’s testimony won’t sink the Trump presidency, like liberals hoped.