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CNN Scedules AIDS Genocide Segment: Horowitz's Research Captivates...Ron Paul and Rev. Wright Supporters

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Horowitz's Research Captivates

Ron Paul and Rev. Wright Supporters

WASHINGTON (DC)--CNN is scheduled to air a stunning interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the scientist Rev. Jeremiah Wright referenced while defending his claim that AIDS is a genocidal and racist conspiracy.

Invited by CNN to display and discuss secreted government contracts that implicate AIDS officials and health agencies in the genocidal origin and vaccine transmission of the pandemic, Dr. Horowitz's segment is scheduled for the 3PM hour on Sunday (May 4, 2008).

This is the first time this controversial subject will be covered on a major television network. The program is expected to trigger public outrage, scientific research, and political debates that may alter the focus of the presidential race.

Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained expert in public health and emerging diseases, has been a leading critic of the government's "genocidal" complicity with the drug industry. On Thursday, he addressed the weekly leaders forum of the Ron Paul campaign after officials of the organization requested his keynote address on the issues raised by Rev. Wright.

Many Paul supporters feel Barack Obama's rejecting Rev. Wright's views, popular among African Americans, was a mistake that Paul can leverage in this bizarre twist of fate.

"Rev. Wright may have spoken prophetically when he quipped about his potential candidacy for the vice presidency," Dr. Horowitz said. "If Ron Paul does the right thing ethically, morally, medically, and politically, as his grassroots supporters are praying, he can show himself as the only people's candidate heroic enough to tackle the biggest lobby--the petrochemical-pharmaceutical polluters and public health and safety violators. This is the most pressing political and economic issue of our time, physically and medically taxing to every American."

Genocide is defined as "the mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, or ideology." Drugs are addicting and economically enslaving. Ads today warn of toxic drug side effects worse than the original diseases for which the pharmaceuticals are prescribed. So Americans are increasingly awakening to this leading cause of death, disability, and corporate profitability in healthcare," Dr. Horowitz said.

Rev. Wright and Ron Paul, a medical doctor, both criticize gross conflicting interests in governmental policies and medical programs aimed at reducing populations such as abortion involving drugs and family planning; risky vaccines and birth control pills, and proposals for national health plans featuring prescription drugs immensely profiting multinational corporations that astonishingly fund depopulation.

The words "genetics" "eugenics," and "genocide" are similarly derived. Their common histories alarm Rev. Wright, Dr. Horowitz, and many other scientists. The genocidal Nazi racial hygiene program, called "eugenics," began in America at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in New York under the direction of leading drug industrialists. History books detail the Rockefellers' control over these industries along with their powerful influence over government and banking for the past century. The genetics industry began at Rockefeller University in 1901 and has progressed in tandem with eugenics as the preferred method of population control to the present day.

A special website has been established to display the scientific and historic documents Dr. Horowitz has been scheduled to discuss on CNN.

About the author: Leonard G.Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM has authored dozens of scientific articles and sixteen books about health and natural healing. He has been interviewed repeatedly as an expert guest on every major television and radio network throughout North America. His works on vaccination contaminations and government suppressed public health risks has made him world famous for helping to save millions of lives. This article was prompted by Rev. Wright's spontaneous urging on network television for serious HIV/AIDS and genocide investigators to "read Dr. Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?"