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Tucker Carlson Blasts de Blasio for NYC Checkpoints, LA Mayor Cuts Off Utilities for Covid Violations

Marie Finn

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for setting up “military-style” coronavirus checkpoints at all the entry points to the city. Across the country, Los Angeles’ Mayor announced that the city would turn off the water and power to any property that violates large gathering restrictions.  

On Wednesday, De Blasio decreed that the New York City Sheriff’s Office would oversee checkpoints set up at “key entry points” surrounding the city, to notify incoming travelers of the mandatory two-week quarantine for visitors from highly infectious states and the hefty $10,000 fine for defying the order.  

“Travelers coming in from those states will be given information about the quarantine. They will be reminded it is required, not optional.” De Blasio mandated. “Failure to quarantine is a violation of state law, and it comes with serious penalties.”


Carlson slammed the Mayor for treating New Yorkers like “refuges in a warzone,” and slammed his plans to “encircle the entire city with military-style checkpoints, not to stop violent criminals, but to prevent people from visiting from other places.” 

Even more, incensing to Carlson, “There was no public discussion of this ahead of time, there was no debate. De Blasio just decreed it.”

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti made a decree of his own: Stop hosting parties, or the city will cut off your utilities. Bars and nightclubs are closed, but many social media influencers are picking up the slack and crafting “nightclubs in the hills” by hosting unsanctioned house parties.    

The policy, which goes into effect on Friday, will allow the city to shut off power and electricity to the homes of those who “refuse to follow the rules.” 

Last month, a huge party hosted by YouTube influencer Jake Paul at his home in Calabasas resulted in a ban on social gatherings.  City officials hope the extreme measure will deter future parties.