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Fox News Star Pulls Off Incredible Transition in White House Briefing Room


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Fox News star Bret Baier attended the White House coronavirus task force briefing on Tuesday as part of his show "Special Report With Bret Baier."

The briefings usually interrupt his show so he went to the source. Baier returned to his old briefing room seat and asked questions during the conference and as soon as it was over he made the transition to show host live on air in a seamless moment of professionalism.

According to The Daily Caller:

The chief political anchor and former White House correspondent sat in his old press seat. He attended as part of his show, “Special Report with Bret Baier,” which has often been interrupted by the briefings.

Baier got numerous questions in during the briefing and didn’t stop there. Upon its conclusion and after candid words with Trump, Baier immediately turned around to face the camera and transitioned back to a host – and people couldn’t stop talking about it.

“The President of the United States wrapping up his press briefing, welcome to Special Report,” Baier said as he stood up from his old seat in the front row of the press room. “I’m Bret Baier.”

“We’re doing it tonight from the White House briefing room, a little bit different tonight. We’ve just watched the daily coronavirus task force briefing,” Baier said and continued to report on the briefing that he had just attended as other reporters slipped out of the room.

.@BretBaier transitioned from reporter to host like a boss

Baier drew praise from many for his professional transition during the briefing including Katie Pavlich, Guy Benson, and Molly Hemmingway.