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WATCH: Mainstream Media Cuts General’s Mic As He Tells the Truth On Syrian Gas Attack


NBC’s Clueless Boost for Putin

NBC’s Clueless Boost for Putin

Light It Up

Can We Trust the Corporate Media Banging the Regime-change Drum?

Dana Loesch: Here’s The Real Story Of What Happened At CNN’s Garbage Town Hall

CNN condemns heroic student who shielded others as a “liar” because he won’t parrot left-wing gun control talking points

JOURNO-TERRORISM: CNN stalks elderly woman, “doxxes” her on live broadcast, accuses of being a Russian puppet… wave of threats ensues

Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS all praise murderous North Korea and its slave state leaders

Washington Post begs Natural News to give them “” domain name for free… after failing to register it themselves

BRAINWASHED: The goal of the media is to poison the minds of the masses with toxic hatred and engineered “thought loops”

“Fake News” Is Fake News

Don't get angry, get even!

Newsweek busted for “defrauding the American taxpayers” with sweeping ad fraud; executives RESIGN

The MSM Flips- Stands by the Memo

Press Prostitutes Lie Through Their Teeth About House Intelligence Committee Report

Globalist propaganda rag NEWSWEEK runs Monsanto-style hit piece on organic food, authored by discredited propagandist Henry Miller

NBC Insider: ‘Total Panic’ Over Megyn Kelly’s Morning Show

Here are the most important, but CENSORED, news stories of 2017